Electrical Industry swiss machines


The electrical industry was one of the first markets to be served by Precision Plus, Inc. Our Tornos Swiss-type screw machines are ideally suited for the manufacture of close tolerance connector pins--both male and female. Tornos have the ability to hold very tight tolerances as well as surface finishes over longer lengths.

Many of our Swiss-made Tornos machines have been upgraded with special attachments and magazine bar feeding systems. These enhancements increase our productivity and process capability, allowing us in many cases to capture 150+ machine hours per week. Through this innovation and capital reinvestment we remain an industry leader in electrical contact manufacturing.

Connector pins manufactured at Precision Plus, Inc. may find their way into electric motors driving water pumps for the average home owner’s water well, or to 300hp motors used in large municipal wells, commercial irrigation and mine-dewatering systems. Other electrical components, such as wire harnesses for fuel pumps or specialty cables that drive sophisticated automation equipment, are also manufactured at our facilities. Precision Plus, Inc. also specializes in mission-critical electrical components for military and aerospace-type applications.

When the application requires flawless operation, Precision Plus, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to deliver. Materials used may include brass and copper alloys, aluminum and stainless steels. We also partner with certified vendors for heat-treating and plating to all electrical specifications.


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