Happy New Year from Precision Plus

Precision Plus


Another year is behind us as we look forward to the next.

As we close 2018, I can only say, what a year. The last 12 months were filled with many exciting events, some of them positive, and some of them left us scratching our heads. Here at Precision Plus, it has been a transformative year, as we on-boarded three new executive management team members, we overhauled our employee handbook along with many policies that were long outdated, and we pressed hard for better accountability top to bottom.

Happy Thanksgiving from Precision Plus

Precision Plus

Our country has set aside a day for giving thanks for nearly 400 years. It’s nice to have a special day that reminds us of the many reasons to be grateful. It’s also an occasion to relax and catch up with family and friends. It gives us time to laugh, reminisce on wonderful memories, and appreciate the people in our lives.

Manufacturing Month Wrap-Up

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Manufacturing Day is a day to open doors and minds, as we celebrate the beauty of manufacturing here in the United States. And that we did on Saturday, October 20th, with our Annual Open House. The day started out as a cool, crisp, sunny Wisconsin fall morning, and over the course of the day we would see dropping temperatures, rain, and even snow pellets driven by 50+ mile per hour winds. In spite of the weather, we welcomed close to 200 friends, family members, and neighbors for a day of tours, technology, and talented team members.

The Role of Manufacturers in Communities

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Having just wrapped up a busy week in Chicago for the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), and hosting 165 local students, educators, and engaged parents, I am excited about the momentum we have helped build in the community. Now that our students have seen the amazing technology, let’s show them how they can explore advanced manufacturing careers locally. October is celebrated by leading manufacturers across the country as Manufacturing Month to help promote this industry as a viable career choice.

Wrapping Up Summer at Precision Plus

Precision Plus

As the countdown nears the end, we all ask ourselves, “Where did the summer go?” Once again, the warmer months have flown by, and the school bells will soon be ringing. Many of our interns have already left us to return to school, and the remaining will be finishing by the end of this week. We are grateful for their help and enthusiasm they brought every day this summer, and we wish them the best as they return to school. It is our hope that this experience has helped them understand how to apply the classroom learning to the manufacturing world.

Prioritizing Workforce Development

Precision Plus

People – our most valuable resource.

In this time when everyone is searching for talent, not only is it important who you have on your team, but even more important is what you do to help develop a sustainable talent pipeline to meet the needs of our industries. The best workforce development solutions occur when we come together – business, community, and education – to address the lack of skilled workers.

Foxconn Groundbreaking Celebration

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I was honored to be among the invited guests for the Foxconn groundbreaking celebration on June 28th, and I wanted to share a few of the takeaways. I did not know what to expect going in, as there was little information published ahead of time. With all the rain and very warm temperatures we had been experiencing, I did not know if I needed to dust off the outdoor boots with shorts and a t-shirt or wear the suit and dress shoes. It turned out the boots were not needed, and the air conditioning was a welcome relief from the high temps, as they shuttled everyone to the site nearby that they have been leasing for the past few months. 

Celebrating Our Independence

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242 years ago, a determined group of business and community leaders declared their independence from the King of England. Tired of oppressive taxes and without representation, they had had enough. They had had so much, that they vowed to put their families and personal wealth on the line. These Patriots were now “all in” and were prepared to fight for what they believed was right. Do we as a country still maintain this level of conviction and purpose?

Busy Spring at Precision Plus

Precision Plus

Greetings to you from Mike Reader and Precision Plus,

I hope all of you are enjoying the return of warmer weather with all the goodness and emerging greenery it brings. This was originally intended to be a monthly newsletter, but I must admit, it has been a challenge to meet that goal this year with all that has been and is still going on. As I look back to the last newsletter, I see it was sent on March 6th, which was well over two months ago. Time flies when you are having fun, and that is the case, on most days.

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