Saying Goodbye to Summer 2019

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The calendar still says August, but we’re experiencing cooler temperatures and the coffee shops are already reintroducing pumpkin spice lattes. It’s starting to feel like fall around here. Once again, summer has come and gone in the blink of an eye. As we head into Labor Day weekend and say hello to the new school year, we also say goodbye to our college interns heading back to campus.

Precision Plus European Tour 2019

Precision Plus

Created over 85 years ago, the Precision Machines Products Association (PMPA) represents the interests of the precision machined products industry and has played a key role in the journey. Our trade association is comprised of industry leaders who understand that having an active and strong manufacturing history is vital to the overall strength and stability of our economy. I was also recently honored to be formally elected PMPA’s president. With approximately 430 members across the United State and Canada, the PMPA attributes the success of the association to its members and their ongoing involvement at all levels. Furthermore, we continue to work closely with our European counterparts in Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, France, and Switzerland. 

2019 – A Review of the First Six Months

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It’s hard to believe that we have already celebrated Independence Day this summer, and the first half of the year is behind us. For those of us in the Midwest, constant rainfall and cooler than normal temperatures left many a farmer scrambling to get crops in the field. I cannot recall such a rotten spring for planting, and I suspect the farmers are thinking the same. I am certain this will have an impact on grain prices come the fall harvest.

Celebrating Independence Day

Precision Plus

This week, we celebrate Independence Day – or as it’s too often simply referred to – the “4th of July.” What does this day mean to each of us? For me, it brings back memories of parades celebrating those who have fought and sacrificed that we may enjoy the freedoms we all love so much. Standing on the sidewalk, I watched men and women in uniform marching past, and I wondered about the journey that brought them to this point, but I rarely got to know them or their stories. Then come the memories of the fireworks celebrations overlooking Veterans Park, where we often wondered if the spectacle in the sky was worth the blood extracted by the swarms of mosquitoes preying upon us. Those of you who live in areas without mosquitoes have no idea what I am talking about; be thankful for such.

As I look back on those much simpler days, I wish that I had gotten to know more about those who stepped forward to fight for our freedoms. I also think back to our founding fathers, their vision for our country, and how much has changed since then. Some things have changed for the better, others yet to be tested by time. However, in this time of global instability and uncertainty, I wish that while many of us may have a different idea about what America should be, let us all remember the words of Thomas Jefferson:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Nowhere in that famous quote is there anything about judging others poorly for their opinion, not to mention outright hostility for those who do not agree unanimously with our own thinking. On this Independence Day, let us each reflect on how we interact with our “neighbors,” and let us find common ground on these most basic of tenants. Imagine what our country could be if we started every conversation, civic engagement and debate with a smile, a kind word, and a promise that we would treat one another with dignity and respect. Rigorous debate is healthy and often produces the greatest outcomes, but it should never become a personal attack. Let’s pray our political leaders and candidates can find reason to celebrate all that binds us together, and lead by example. Until that day appears, let’s work together to do our part to promote civil discourse and honor those who have defended the freedoms we all enjoy.

The purpose of celebrating on July 4th each year is to appreciate how our forefathers secured our freedoms and to honor the sacrifices our troops continue to make to maintain those freedoms. Thank you to our service men and women for all you have done and continue to do for our country. Let’s also remember our own civic responsibility: to research and stay informed about the world around us, to respect the same pursuits of our neighbors, and to work together for a cause greater than oneself. Precision Plus wishes you a safe and Happy Independence Day.


Mike Reader, President

Precision Plus

Happy New Year from Precision Plus

Precision Plus


Another year is behind us as we look forward to the next.

As we close 2018, I can only say, what a year. The last 12 months were filled with many exciting events, some of them positive, and some of them left us scratching our heads. Here at Precision Plus, it has been a transformative year, as we on-boarded three new executive management team members, we overhauled our employee handbook along with many policies that were long outdated, and we pressed hard for better accountability top to bottom.

Happy Thanksgiving from Precision Plus

Precision Plus

Our country has set aside a day for giving thanks for nearly 400 years. It’s nice to have a special day that reminds us of the many reasons to be grateful. It’s also an occasion to relax and catch up with family and friends. It gives us time to laugh, reminisce on wonderful memories, and appreciate the people in our lives.

Manufacturing Month Wrap-Up

Precision Plus

Manufacturing Day is a day to open doors and minds, as we celebrate the beauty of manufacturing here in the United States. And that we did on Saturday, October 20th, with our Annual Open House. The day started out as a cool, crisp, sunny Wisconsin fall morning, and over the course of the day we would see dropping temperatures, rain, and even snow pellets driven by 50+ mile per hour winds. In spite of the weather, we welcomed close to 200 friends, family members, and neighbors for a day of tours, technology, and talented team members.

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