Meet Jeri Spangler, Quality Assurance Technician and Triathlete


Merriam-Webster defines a go-getter as a person who works very hard and who wants very much to succeed. At Precision Plus, we define it in two words: Jeri Spangler. Jeri is a Quality Assurance Technician who started with Precision Plus in 2007, and she has made it a point to continue her training and education. She learned to program OASIS (Optical Inspection System), received an Associate Degree in Mechanical Design Engineering Technology from Gateway Technical College in 2011, and has now completed the BYU Pathway Program, allowing her to receive another online degree from BYU-Idaho. Jeri has always enjoyed working with numbers and subjects like algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. She says that working with blueprints and Swiss Machine components “is geometry in the real world.”

Precision Plus Invests in Our Team: Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Precision Plus

Precision Plus knows just how important it is to invest in the health of their employees. A healthier, more motivated workforce is a happier, more productive workforce. For quite some time, Precision Plus has been encouraging team members to improve their health and fitness levels and make all-around smart lifestyle choices. There are many ways Precision Plus makes the health of their employees a priority: contracting a full-service wellness provider, choosing an outcomes-based employee insurance plan, providing First Aid and First Responder training, and purchasing an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) are just some of the ways we promote healthy choices.

A Father’s Day Message from Michael P. Reader

Precision Plus

Michael Patrick Reader has the unique blessing of being able to come to work every day, not only with his father, but his grandfather, too. Mike’s grandfather, Phil Reader, bought Precision Plus in 1988, and Mike’s father, Michael J. Reader, joined him in 1995. A third generation of the Reader family, Mike is now following in their footsteps. Mike feels very fortunate for all he has learned from these men that have been so important in his life, and he would like to take this Father’s Day to send them a very special message of gratitude.

Fabian’s Farewell


Over the past three months, Fabian Stampfli of Lüsslingen, Switzerland, has taken part in our exchange program with the company Aeschlimann AG Décolletages. Besides working with us at Precision Plus, Fabian has also taken advantage of this chance to immerse himself in our culture outside of work – trying new foods, cheering alongside fellow sports fans, and even participating in the all-American family road trip. Here is Fabian’s farewell to his host family and Precision Plus, written in his native German. It’s a great way for us to understand that on a daily basis, he was formulating his thoughts in one language, then translating to another before speaking them. For those of us who do not speak German, feel free to click translate below and read his thoughtful goodbye.

A Call to Action


Walworth County business leaders, educators, and engaged community members came together April 20th at the Elkhorn campus of Gateway Technical College to celebrate the new $1.25 million RPM Manufacturing Center. The project included a new 3,200-square foot expansion, which is dedicated to machining and houses both manual and state-of-the-art CNC mills and lathes (Haas), as well as a CNC Swiss lathe from the Japanese builder Tsugami and their U.S. Importer Morris Midwest.

Precision Plus is proud to be part of launching this significant project, and we are excited to see what it will contribute to the future of our industry. Investments have been made in infrastructure, equipment, curriculum, and quality instructors. However, consistent and ongoing support from our entire community to deliver a steady pipeline of passionate students is necessary to ensure its success over the long term. Together, let us demonstrate to our young adults what a career in manufacturing looks like and show them the education path that will help them get there, with the best value for their investment.

The RPM Manufacturing Center was made possible by public-private partnerships. Other key contributors who dug deep to help Precision Plus realize this dream for Walworth County include:

  • Brad Morris and the entire Morris Midwest team for the Tsugami S205 Swiss CNC lathe
  • Jamie Schwarz of CNC Indexing & Bar Feeding for the magazine bar feeder for the Tsugami lathe
  • Hanan Fishman and the PartMaker team for their CAM software support
  • Rick Nowacki of Concept Machine Tool and Carl Zeiss for their help with the DuraMax coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
  • Snap-on Tools and Haas Automation for the ongoing education they provide across the country
  • Kenall Lighting and CEO Jim Hawkins for their support with LED lighting for the labs

With this investment, Precision Plus, our business partners, and educators are making huge strides in changing the perception of manufacturing careers for young people and improving the quality of life for the residents of Walworth County, and beyond.

Please join us in sharing with our young leaders of tomorrow the great benefits of an exciting career in manufacturing.

To read more on the opening of the RPM Manufacturing Center, follow the BizTimes article by Arthur Thomas at:

Matt Fryar, Tornos Platform Setup Technician


Matt Fryar has been a part of the Precision Plus team since June of 1999, starting right after his high school graduation. He learned his trade by starting in Precision Plus’ Secondary Department, and Finishing Department, and then moved on to learning the trade of Swiss CNC Operator. He is now a Tornos Platform Setup Technician, and his duties include setting up new production jobs, training interns to operate Tornos machines, assisting operators in machine adjustments, helping with Micronite, performing repairs on Tornos machines, operating machines when needed, and helping in the Finishing Department when needed.

Meet Sue Marchiafava, Second Shift Supervisor at Precision Plus


Even though Sue Marchiafava has been part of the Precision Plus team for over 30 years, she understands – and enjoys – the fact that our industry is always changing. Sue is the Supervisor on Second Shift, but she has worn many hats during her time here.
Beginning her career with Precision Plus in June of 1985, she has worked in the Secondary and Finishing Departments, Cams/Automatics, QA, and Shipping. All of this experience combined with a ‘can-do’ attitude make her a valuable part of the team, and she is always finding something new to appreciate.

Announcing our updated Brand and Website


It is hard to imagine 7 years have gone by since our last website overhaul in the summer of 2009.  Much has changed in the world and at Precision Plus since then, so the website update was long overdue.  For those of you that do not live within this digital space, like us, you are well aware that this process requires a time commitment that gets added on to already full days.  So we are happy and relieved about this launch!

While grinding through this with guidance from our new partners at Identity Works, it became apparent the time was right to review and refresh our brand identity.  Looking back at the older material, we could see room for improvement, yet we were still very attached to some elements.  In the end, we all agreed on cleaning things up with a cleaner, more modern look, while retaining a piece of our legacy brand.

Our new website is importantly mobile responsive, includes cleaner imagery, and features the updated logo to carry us forward.  Like it or not, feel free to share your thoughts on any of the new materials. Some of it took time to grow on us, but, ultimately, we are proud of the results and thankful for all the hard work of the team.  Please take time to click through the website, read through the materials, and drop us a note if you find something we overlooked, so that we may correct it quickly.

Finally, we believe our updated brand and website better reflect the capabilities and skills of the team we have here at Precision Plus, as well as the work we do for our fantastic partners. We hope you agree that our efforts these past several months have paid off. Moving ahead, we look forward to strengthening our partnerships with our customers, vendors, and the education community.  Wishing all of you the very best and thanks in advance for any feedback you wish to share.




Michael J Reader

Wisconsin Technology Education Association Conference

Michael Reader

On February 25th, I had the privilege of being the keynote speaker at the 47th annual Wisconsin Technology Education Association’s (WTEA) Conference held at the Chula Vista Resort.  The conference promotes CTE programs and provides workshops to improve programming for both educators and students, while also encouraging networking and best practices.  The focus of my presentation was to showcase what can be done with education and industry partnerships to raise awareness of career opportunities in technical trades.

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