Exciting News From the Shop Floor of Precision Plus

Out with the old and in with the new, as our improvement efforts here at Precision Plus continue. We have taken six of our oldest Swiss machines out of service and have brought in three new machines from our partners at Rem Sales/Morris Midwest/Tsugami to take their place.

We are able to go from six machines to just three because the six older models represented four different platforms which made scheduling, programming, and tooling less than efficient. The three new machines will align perfectly with the five we brought in two and a half years ago, giving us eight machines of the exact same capability. This is so much more efficient than eleven machines over five platforms. To learn more about the Tsugami S205, visit

This upgrade further aligns us with Tsugami and their high-performing and flexible 20mm job shop machine. Furthermore, it reinforces the training program on the identical machine at the Elkhorn campus of Gateway Technical College right down the street. When we take the steps to strengthen our relationships with local educational programs like this, it’s definitely a win-win situation.

We continue to grow and change at Precision Plus in order to guarantee the best value and product to our partners. This year, our continuous efforts are kicking into high gear, so stay tuned for more updates. Below is a time lapse video of the riggers moving the machines out last week. Look for a video next week to see the move-in of the new machines.

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