Happy Thanksgiving

As the big day draws near, many of us are scrambling to cram five days of work into three, while preparing for Thanksgiving Day. I’ve always enjoyed this holiday that focuses on three of my favorite things: family, food and fun times together. At Precision Plus, no other holiday allows for two days off right before a weekend, giving us a whopping four days in a row to relax and unwind! We are grateful for that, especially knowing that other industries and organizations do not always have that luxury. I encourage people to focus on quality time together when they have the chance to make the time.

As I reflect on the last twelve months, I can only think how fortunate and thankful I am for our good health, a wonderful family, great colleagues, and valued customers/partners. The economy is chugging along well, we are blessed with plenty of work, and we are surrounded by people who help us find joy in all situations. We have so very much to be thankful for.

I wish all of you the very best this Thanksgiving.  May you be surrounded by those you care about most and recognize the goodness around you.


Mike Reader, President

Precision Plus

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