Making Wellness a Priority

At Precision Plus, we know that if we’re not taking care of ourselves, it’s pretty tough to take care of our customers and partners. Just like we’ve been told before every flight take off, we need to put on our own oxygen mask before we can help others around us. For quite some time, Precision Plus has been encouraging team members to improve their health, fitness levels, and make all-around smart lifestyle choices.

One way Precision Plus encourages healthy choices for our team is the annual on-site screenings conducted through biometrics testing. On July 10th and July 17th, the professionals from Healics, a nurse-owned and operated company that assists companies with wellness programs, were present to perform the tests. The program is not only offered to participants of the Precision Plus health insurance plan, but is also available to all other employees interested in gathering insight of their personal health and working toward a healthier lifestyle.

“This will only hurt for a second.”

Thanks for being a good sport, Rick!

Participants in the biometrics testing are now receiving their reports, and the first of multiple coaching sessions with a certified wellness advisor will begin in late August. This program has proven to be a great tool as it creates awareness for participants to take the necessary steps to improve their overall health. Since the inception of the program, many employees have even quit the habit of smoking for good.

VP of Operations Rick Ehle has really seen some changes from his daily stretching routine.

In conjunction with Precision Plus’s health insurance plan through Humana, the Go365 Program encourages wellness through challenges and rewards. Participants can log in to their account at for personalized activities, tracking, and support to help inspire their path to making healthier decisions. Team members are rewarded for activities, such as yearly flu shots, workouts, and even vision and dental exams.

Precision Plus has also changed and improved upon its food vending options for employees with the recent switch to Canteen, which provides convenient and healthy choices. Whether it’s for lunch, a snack, or those rushed mornings when you’ve left the house without eating breakfast, having healthy food options available right here is a real comfort.

The implementation and continuation of a wellness program has not only helped participants make better choices, but it also encourages everyone to reach their health goals. Just like leading a healthier lifestyle, the program is ongoing, and Precision Plus continues to make changes as new information is learned. Precision Plus is proud of the improvements participants have made in their lives and is happy to play a small role in contributing to the health and wellness of our employees.

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