Meet Elissa Skywalker, CAM Operator

Elissa SkywalkerElissa Skywalker has been a member of the Precision Plus (PPI) Team of Elkhorn, Wisconsin since 2008, where she has worked as a CAM operator in the Production Department. She came to PPI from Pentair in Delavan, Wisconsin with 13 years’ experience as a CNC operator.

Elissa works specifically with four Tornos machine models: the R-10 and the R-125 (12mm capacity), the M-7 (7mm capacity), and the M-4 (4mm capacity.) Her responsibilities include ensuring the parts she is running are within tolerance—a task which is accomplished by measuring and checking those parts. Elissa particularly likes working on the different machines, which create an even greater variety of parts to check.

“My favorite thing about Elissa,” comments Tom Lankford, Production Manager, who is also her immediate supervisor, “is that she is always in a good mood.” He adds, “Elissa is a good worker, pays great attention to detail, and can run a variety of difficult jobs. Especially in an industry where the tightest tolerances are essential to the success of a finished component, Elissa has proven that she has the talent and know-how to handle complex jobs.”

Elissa enjoys the people in her department and the camaraderie between PPI Team Members. Recently, along with other employees, she participated in the Elkhorn 5K Reindeer Run.

Fitness is one of Elissa’s passions. She regularly works out at the health club, but especially enjoys the Zumba classes. Elissa is also an avid roller-skater—an activity she often does with her daughter. Another of her best-liked pastimes is playing electric and acoustic guitar and rocking out to The Beatles. However, her favorite performer is Linda Ronstadt whose songs she likes playing and singing.

Her family—husband and daughter—are the center of Elissa’s life, and she loves spending time with them any time she can. But when she has a spare moment, she enjoys reading Sci-Fi and mystery thriller books.