Phoenix Middle School’s Annual Career Fair

Mark Beilman and William Sanchez recently had the opportunity to join Phoenix Middle School’s Annual Career Fair. Precision Plus was one of about two dozen presenters from area businesses and post-secondary schools, helping students get an early start on their college and career planning.

Phoenix Middle School counselor and career fair organizer Steve Gross said they wanted to give the students many different ideas and “doors of opportunity” that may lead to a career in a skilled trade, a degree from a four-year university, or even a chance at starting their own business.

Besides Precision Plus, some of the other career opportunities on display included those in emergency services, law enforcement, a seamstress, and even a language service company that specializes in interpreting and translation. The 500 middle schoolers (as well as staff members) were amazed and impressed with what they learned that day, and they are already looking forward to next year’s event.

We are always excited to reach out to the middle school audience, as this age group gives us a great opportunity to make a lasting impression. Once they reach high school, they’ll have experiences like the Phoenix Middle School Annual Career Fair in the back of their minds when it comes to deciding on whether to take that extra advanced math class or not. Precision Plus is once again pleased to be a part of a positive learning experience.

Take a moment to enjoy some highlights created by the Delavan – Darien School District.

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