Catching Up With Our First Interns

Precision Plus

The pioneers of Precision Plus’ internship program, Bob Dall, Jon Stopple, and Brad Killen during the summer of 2013.

As Precision Plus gets ready to welcome our new and returning summer interns, we would also like to recognize those who are off to new adventures.

Matt Fryar, Tornos Platform Setup Technician


Matt Fryar has been a part of the Precision Plus team since June of 1999, starting right after his high school graduation. He learned his trade by starting in Precision Plus’ Secondary Department, and Finishing Department, and then moved on to learning the trade of Swiss CNC Operator. He is now a Tornos Platform Setup Technician, and his duties include setting up new production jobs, training interns to operate Tornos machines, assisting operators in machine adjustments, helping with Micronite, performing repairs on Tornos machines, operating machines when needed, and helping in the Finishing Department when needed.

Meet Sue Marchiafava, Second Shift Supervisor at Precision Plus


Even though Sue Marchiafava has been part of the Precision Plus team for over 30 years, she understands – and enjoys – the fact that our industry is always changing. Sue is the Supervisor on Second Shift, but she has worn many hats during her time here.
Beginning her career with Precision Plus in June of 1985, she has worked in the Secondary and Finishing Departments, Cams/Automatics, QA, and Shipping. All of this experience combined with a ‘can-do’ attitude make her a valuable part of the team, and she is always finding something new to appreciate.

Meet Adam Rosseland, Second Shift Tsugami Machine Operator

Michael Reader

Adam Rosseland has always taken pride in what he does–from serving our country as Private First Class in the U.S. Army for three years, to continuing his education, heading a great family, and excelling as a machine operator on the Tsugami Swiss Micromachining Platform at Precision Plus (PPI).

Adam Rosseland joined the PPI Team in 2004, after receiving an Associate Degree in Electrical Mechanical Technology at the Elkhorn Campus of Gateway Technical College. Prior to that, Adam worked as a welder and troubleshooter at Stack-On and at Motorola on equipment that placed computer chips on boards to make mobile phone communication possible.

Welcome Ed Flores, CNC Operator

Michael Reader

Ed Flores joined Precision Plus (PPI) in November as a CNC Operator in the Miyano CNC turret lathe platform of the company’s Production Department.  He reports to Sam Kirkland, the Miyano Platform Supervisor.  Ed comes to PPI with five years’ CNC experience and in the near future, looks forward to continuing his education in pursuit of an associate’s degree in CNC technology.

MSOE Freshman-Life Update from Precision Plus Intern Amanda Mudlaff

Michael Reader

Amanda Mudlaff is a freshman at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). Since 2014, she has served as a dedicated intern and an apprentice at Precision Plus (PPI) in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Her work is impeccable and her enthusiasm is contagious. She’s also an applied student who has earned a scholarship from PPI, with the possibility of it being renewed for the next three years. She will be back at Precision Plus for a short-term winter break internship when school is off.

For Cathy Giese, Secondary Operator at Precision Plus, The Secondary Department Always Comes First

Michael Reader

Cathy Giese, Secondary Operator at Precision Plus (PPI) in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, has been a team member since March of 2010, as part of the Secondary Department.

For Swiss precision manufacturers such as PPI, secondary operations play just as an important role as manufacturing the parts themselves. Processes such as polishing, grinding, deburring, special assembly, or laser marking help to deliver a product with consistent quality and to specification.

Operation of the state-of-the-art equipment found in the Secondary Department requires individuals who are not only highly trained, but also be willing to learn about new equipment and operations. Cathy Giese has proven to be one of those individuals.

Terry Mumper, Manufacturing Engineer, who supervises Giese, explains: “My favorite thing about Cathy is her eagerness to learn. She is punctual and always arrives to work with a positive attitude. She works hard and is very conscientious of the quality of her work. She is a great part of the PPI Team and it is a pleasure to work with her.”

Giese concurs that she is driven by the opportunity to learn new things, such as inspecting job orders as well as learning to operate the OMNI-VISION® 2D/3D Inspection System, which allows for inspection of components and assemblies with the use of digital multi-frequency Moiré inspection probes.

Cathy appreciates her fellow team members, her excellent supervisor, and the company’s culture of respect for the family through workplace flexibility.

Outside of work, she loves to spend time with friends and family—especially her granddaughter. Cathy is an avid cook and baker, and is known for bringing samples of her delicious creations to share with co-workers. She also shares her culinary gift with her church, baking items for funerals and serving food at church dinners. In addition, Cathy is also a dedicated volunteer who helps with ushering on Sundays. She also loves sports, and is an avid fan of the Green Bay Packers and the Brewers.

Boys’ Club No More – Ladies of Harley Make Their Mark on the Biker World

Michael Reader

An excerpt from Life in Rock County – Great People, Great Stories, Volume 4, Issue 3, Fall 2015

While motorcycle riding primarily was a man’s world decades ago, more and more female riders have grown to love the purr of an engine beneath them. These bikers have firmly embraced the femininity of the hobby and have inspired ever-growing lines of clothing and gear made especially for them.

In the South Central Wisconsin Janesville Chapter of the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.), about 30 percent of the members are female. The Ladies of Harley have become a major player, meeting monthly as a group for rides and planning their annual Poker Run, raffle and silent auction at Boardtracker Harley-Davidson’s (formerly Kutter Harley-Davidson/Buell) Spring Open House. The event, held every May, raises money for CAMDEN Playground, a play area for children with special needs.

One of these ladies, is Precision Plus’ Laura Farnsworth, the company’s Shipping Manager. She is an active member of the community who combines her love for riding motorcycles with the riding club’s mission of raising money for the CAMDEN Accessibility Playground in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Laura Farnsworth, 56, loves to brag about her dedication to riding. She has become well-known in her H.O.G. chapter for her long rides: In 2013, she won the female prize for logging the most miles in one year (20,000).

A resident of Darien, Wis., Laura points out that up until a year ago, her bike was the only one in the parking lot at Precision Plus in Elkhorn, Wis., where she works as a shipping manager. “I thought it was funny that the only motorcycle there belonged to a girl,” she says. “Years ago, when I used to ride, I turned heads. People would look at me and say, ‘There’s a woman on a motorcycle!’”

While Laura has been riding since she was 17, it took her daughter Sarah Conroy, 34, of Elkhorn, Wis., a little longer to obtain her motorcycle license — she got it just three years ago. “When you think about it, riding a motorcycle is a really expensive hobby,” she says. “I spent years in college and earning my master’s degree in counseling, and I was so far in debt that buying a motorcycle was the last thing I was thinking about.”

Sarah had ridden as a passenger on her mom’s bike for years. Eventually, she found the allure of the open road to be irresistible and started taking classes. Shortly after obtaining her license, she tagged along with her mother to an event at what is now Boardtracker Harley-Davidson in Janesville and met John Harris. “He said, “You wanna go for a ride tomorrow?” Sarah remembers. She did, and now the two are engaged and planning a wedding for February 2016.

Sarah was able to solve her financing issue, too: She bought a Honda last summer, and this spring, she bought Laura’s first Harley from her. “Her bike is classic, and it’s a keepsake,” says Sarah. “It’s kind of neat to say it was her first Harley, and now it’s my first Harley.”

The article also features two other women, Kellie Sinks, who teaches other women to ride motorcycles and is a motorcycle safety instructor at Boardtracker Harley-Davidson, and Jody Sterr, who has logged thousands of miles together with her husband. Precision Plus celebrates the Ladies of Harley and applauds their cause.

For a PDF of the article, click HERE.

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