60 machines total for tight tolerance
& higher volumes
• 30 Tornos R-10 & R-125’s
 (12mm capacity)
• 21 Tornos M-7’s (7mm capacity)
•  5 Tornos M-4’s (4mm capacity)


Developed in the Moutier Valley of Switzerland over a hundred years ago, Swiss Cam’s unique automated machining technique for producing precision screws, revolutionized the industry. Today, The Tornos Group of Moutier Valley carries on the area’s reputation by manufacturing machines that turn small components to the most rigorous tolerances.

One of the first purchases Precision Plus made when opening its doors in 1982 was that of several Tornos machines, which were manufactured in Moutier and brought directly to Southeastern Wisconsin. The original Swiss Cam machines, long prized for their speed, accuracy and dependability, were the foundation of our business.

Over the years, many of the machines have been retrofitted with spindle brake and cross-drilling/milling attachments, and magazine bar-feeding systems for greater productivity and lights out manufacturing. Today, these Swiss Cam machines remain integral to our success at our Iseli Precision location and provide us greater flexibility to service our customers with the most cost-effective solution. With an array of specialized attachments, our team at Iseli Precision can single-point all types of threads, pick up parts for slotting, milling, and back drilling.

Common Swiss Cam Applications

  • Electronic connectors and interconnection systems
  • Actuation pins and Plungers for Solenoids
  • Firing pins for the Defense Industry

Precision Plus and Iseli Precision have been providing Swiss Cam Machining solutions for over 40 years. Contact us today to see how we can help you!


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