Working with Our Industry Partners

IMG_0992Precision Plus continues to work with industry partners like Scot Forge, Caterpillar, Snap-On Tools, Starrett, Trane, and Fiat Chrysler in order to engage the education community for better career pathways. Combined with our education partners in the local K-12 schools, Project Lead the Way (PLTW), area technical colleges, and Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE), we look to rebuild a strong manufacturing base and prosperous communities. President Mike Reader has been very active in the last several weeks, representing our company at various professional engagements.

On March 22nd, Scot Forge President John Cain invited Reader and other industry and education partners to join his group, while hosting the new president of McHenry County College for a tour and conversation about business and education partnerships. The purpose was to reinforce the efforts already in motion and to discuss even better collaboration moving forward. Central to the discussion was the need to engage students, parents, and educators, in an effort to demonstrate the rewarding career opportunities in manufacturing. Specific efforts already underway include plant tours, school visits, and support of Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs with both equipment and technical assistance, advisory board participation, and planning for another trip to the International Machine Technology Showdown at McCormick Place in Chicago this coming September.

Reader is part of the PLTW Advisory Committee, and he recently attended the State Leadership Team (SLT) meeting. With nearly 400 participating Wisconsin schools, PLTW is having a huge impact across the state. The curriculum encourages students to “think outside the books,” by implementing project- and problem-based K-12 STEM programs. PLTW is dependent on the combined efforts of manufacturers and educators, and Elkhorn, Wisconsin has been a shining example of how successful the program can be. With encouragement and education from participants like Reader and Elkhorn High School principal Chris Trottier, students are understanding that the decisions they make and work they are doing today can make a big impact on their future careers. Wisconsin is the fourth-largest PLTW state, and its success is beneficial not only to the students and manufacturers, but our communities, as well.

The 96th American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) held its 96th Annual Convention this month at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. The four-day annual meeting is among the largest gatherings of educational leaders, business and industry representatives, and federal agencies. The convention consisted of various committee and board meetings, as well as numerous educational seminars with related topics such as, “Turning the Promise of Free Community College Into Reality” and “Responding to Rapid Change: The Emergence of the Community College Design Center.” Reader had the opportunity to sit on the NC3’s Industry Panel Session, speaking on the topic of “Business Partnerships – The Gateway to College Success.” The panel answered questions about current industry trends and developing and sustaining partnerships between industry and educators. The NC3 Post Session lunch reception gave an opportunity for industry leaders like Reader, as well as those from Snap-on, Trane, Fiat Chrysler, and more, to engage further with convention attendees.

The engagements listed above are just a few of the ways Precision Plus constantly seeks to educate those around us about how important these partnerships are. These efforts take on many forms. From engagement with the students, educators and parents, to our business partners, we are trying to unite every stakeholder with a common purpose: Raise awareness of manufacturing careers so that we may attract the best and brightest of the next generation in order to make America the gold standard in industry once again. This is how we became the most powerful and wealthy country in the world, so join us in rebuilding our world-leading manufacturing base.


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