Manufacturing Day 2016 Survey Results

The National Association of Manufacturer’s (NAM) Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte recently released the results of a survey conducted after this year’s events. The survey measured the results of the effect Manufacturing Day 2016 had on the public’s view of the industry.

More than 2,700 Manufacturing Day event hosts, including Precision Plus, took part in the survey that gathered data from teachers, students, and parents nationwide, to see how these events make a difference in local communities. The day was created as a celebration of modern manufacturing and to be an inspiration for the next generation of manufacturers. Precision Plus held an open house on October 8th for nearly 70 guests for a tour of the facility and a celebratory cookout.


The NAM survey demonstrated that Manufacturing Day 2016 resulted in an improved public perception of manufacturing, showing that 89 percent of students and 88 percent of educators were made more aware of manufacturing jobs in their communities. Other highlights of the survey included that 90 percent of educators were more convinced that manufacturing provides careers that are both interesting and rewarding, and 64 percent of students were more motivated to pursue a manufacturing career. To see more results from the survey, you can visit

Events like ours and others throughout the country allowed manufacturers to show communities and future employees the opportunities there are in our industry. Opening our doors to the public helped to address common misperceptions about manufacturing, as well. By continuing to host and participate in Manufacturing Day events and working together, we will continue to educate the public on the ways that local manufacturers help the community, how we can address the skills gap issue, and how to connect with future generations.

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