Phoenix Middle School Career Expo Fair

This week, Mark Beilman and Will Sanchez had the opportunity to attend Phoenix Middle School’s 2nd Annual Career Expo Fair in Delavan, Wisconsin. The event was created to provide expertise to help middle school students have a better understanding of their career goals and pathways.

Precision Plus Director of Education & Training Mark Beilman has become a familiar face at our area schools.

This year’s career fair saw more than 25 businesses representing fields from manufacturing, hospitality, construction, finance, and more. Presenters were asked to discuss their background, experience, education, and personal goals. They were also encouraged to include the importance of human relations skills, various types of communication, and why it is important to begin thinking of career pathways even at the middle school level.

Will Sanchez gives Phoenix Middle School Students “two thumbs up.”

In the week leading up to the event, students had done their homework by studying various careers and the aspects of them. The students were asked to meet with at least two to three different career professionals that aligned with their interests. They came prepared with interview worksheets they could complete as they navigated through the fair. After the career expo, the students would use their completed interview worksheets for follow-up discussions with their teachers to show what they learned and to discuss the career and education goals they might pursue as they get older.

Mark and Will, both presenting at the career fair for the second time, said the students were engaged and asked wonderful questions. Mark has said before that this age group is especially fun to work with, as they always show so much enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

Precision Plus knows that it is never too early to start thinking about career goals. It’s important to show middle school students that the choices they make now really can affect their future. When we share our knowledge and passion for what we do with area schools, we help provide a relatable link to the real world. This is a positive for the students, as well as our industry and our community.

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