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Precision Plus Kicks off a Month of Celebration – Manufacturing Month 2020

As summer officially comes to an end and we enter one of my favorite months, it seems fitting to reflect. As many of you know, October is Manufacturing Month in the state of Wisconsin, and the first Friday of October (October 2nd, 2020) is National Manufacturing Day. Manufacturing makes up a huge portion of Wisconsin’s economy and workforce, and we are blessed to be a part of such a great industry. Before we delve into why I am thankful for the manufacturing industry, let’s look back on the history of Manufacturing Day.

The first Manufacturing Day was back in 2012, a day dedicated to manufacturing declared by New Jersey Governor Chris Cristie. In 2014, President Obama signed a Presidential Proclamation to declare that the first Friday in October be known as National Manufacturing Day. Last year, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers proclaimed October to be Manufacturing Month throughout the state of Wisconsin in order to celebrate and promote those who work in manufacturing. Manufacturing Day events throughout the United States have continued to increase over the years, and in years past the Precision Plus team has been proud to host our Annual Manufacturing Day Open House as one of these events. Unfortunately, we are unable to welcome the community into our business this October due to these unprecedented times.

Though we will miss seeing your smiling faces and sharing with you our newest additions of technology within our advanced manufacturing facility this year, we will still celebrate Manufacturing Month within our company. In the middle of a global crisis, our team was blessed to be considered essential and have the opportunity to make positive contributions.  When others were sitting home, binging on Netflix and collecting $600 a week on top of the regular unemployment, our team was here making much needed ventilator parts to support others in need.  I am truly thankful for and proud of our team, pulling together and continuing to put our client’s needs first, even in times like this.

I try to express gratitude to our team as often as possible, but words only mean so much. In honor of Manufacturing Month, the entire Precision Plus team will be thanked by giving every one of our employees the opportunity to spin the WOW (Work of Winners) Wheel, introduced by COO Dave Strand. The first introduction of the WOW Wheel was just a few weeks ago at our Labor Day holiday breakfast celebration, when 30 tables and 90 chairs were arranged in the north parking lot so that the team could practice social distancing, while still celebrating the holiday together. The whole event was high energy and the WOW Wheel was a big hit! The team is looking forward to WOW Wheel Wednesdays this October, to spin for their well-deserved prizes.

I am delighted that Manufacturing is now being recognized as a rewarding and desirable career choice, however, this change of mindset still has a long way to go.  To us, every day is manufacturing day.  As we prepare for the expected economic rebound, I encourage you to follow our social media feeds, newsletters and if you want to learn more about manufacturing careers, invite you to schedule a conversation and tour with our team.

2020 has truly been a trying year for so many around the world.  While there remains much uncertainty with the virus, the election and social unrest, this much I do know – through our focus on real solutions we can overcome anything, history has proven this.  We need to get our economy going again and people back to work, so that all the debt our country has incurred may be repaid. Simple acts of kindness are so much more powerful and productive than all the negative things we see every day.  Let us celebrate all that binds us together, rather than looking for ways to tear us apart.  Until my next letter, stay safe and be kind to one another.


Best Regards,

Mike Reader, President

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