Precision Plus Spotlight On: William Sanchez

Hi, I am William Sanchez, a Customer Service professional at Precision Plus, Inc. As a high school junior in 2016, I started my career journey with Precision Plus through the Youth Apprentice (YA) program at Elkhorn Area High School and have been employed with the company ever since. At that time, I was most interested in finding a job in high school that could potentially lead to a very strong career. Precision Plus had endless opportunities to explore, and I knew it was the right decision to take the opportunity to work here.

I started out doing entry level production work, utilizing various tools and equipment to complete my daily tasks. I was challenged every day to do better and was always striving for improvement. Precision Plus offers a great YA program where incoming students can get a feel for every platform and department Precision Plus has to offer, allowing the student exposure to all the different capabilities of Swiss machining. I took every opportunity to gather as much information and knowledge as possible, and I continue to do so.

In my three years with Precision Plus, I have worked in almost every department and almost every machining platform. I have moved throughout the company as a YA, a project manager, and now in Customer Service, all while continuing my education. Although my initial interest was in manufacturing, I found I was best suited for customer relations and was given the opportunity to do exactly that in 2018, when I was promoted to the Customer Service department.

Whether your interests are machining, facilities maintenance, information technology, business, or customer relations, Precision Plus can help develop and apply those interests every day through a hands-on, paid working experience. I have learned many things about the manufacturing industry and those around it, and I continue to love every second of what we do here at Precision Plus. I encourage you and others to take the opportunity to explore a career in advanced manufacturing, as well.

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