To Celebrate Manufacturing Month, Precision Plus in Elkhorn, Wisconsin Welcomed Five Area High Schools for Plant Tours

Michael Reader

One hundred and forty-one students and eleven chaperones from five area high schools visited Precision Plus of Elkhorn, Wisconsin during the month of October 2014, to celebrate Manufacturing Month and learn about the industry and the company. MFG DAY 2014 held earlier in October, had kicked off the month-long event. The schools in attendance were Delavan Darien High School and East Troy High School on October 16th, Elkhorn Area High School and Lake Geneva Badger High School on October 23rd, and Tenor High School on October 27th.

The tour began at Precision Plus’ classroom with personnel introduction, a PowerPoint presentation about the history of the company and the role of a contract manufacturer, followed by a demonstration of the software used at Precision Plus, and a video showcasing the trajectory of a part from concept to completion. After a question and answer session, the students took a plant tour. Upon returning to the classroom, students had another opportunity for Q&As and received a PMPA pen/flash drive with information about CNC training and career statistics.

Precision Plus received several notes from the schools, reiterating the importance of such opportunities for students who are evaluating their future career possibilities.

Thank you, Mr. Butters: Letters from Delavan Darien High School Students

Michael Reader

On May 21, 2014, Barry Butters, Director of Education and Training at Precision Plus visited Delavan Darien High School to address Project Lead The Way students on the skills companies are looking for in new hires. These included critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as soft skills. Butters also made a presentation on the inventor and PartMaker software as it is used at Precision Plus Brad Pearson, an intern at the company came along to tell the students about his own experience at Precision Plus Following the presentation, Butters met one-on-one with the students to share some of the soft skills and strategies necessary for having a successful first job interview.

This presentation followed a meeting that Butters and Mike Reader, President of Precision Plus had with Delavan Darien High School educators and staff on May 15, 2014. Reader and Butters addressed the above-referenced “new hire” skills, which are sought after by manufacturers hiring around the country, as well as the important role that a solid background in Science, Technology, Math and Engineering (STEM) plays in this equation.

Shortly after the meeting with the students, Barry Butters received several letters from the students:

“Thank you so much Mr. Butters for making time for me and my peers to practice on when the time actually comes when we have to go through the actual processes of being interviewed…” Read this letter

“I was really nervous, but you were very friendly and I appreciate your time.” Read this letter

“Thanks for spending time to help me with my interview skills. I appreciate the advice.” Read this letter

“You pointed out a few things that can help me in the future, thanks.” Read this letter

“Thank you for taking your busy work schedule to interviewing me and trying to improve my skills…” Read this letter

Thank you students: Amy, Dylan, Kole, Tyler and Cristina!