Precision Machined Dental Components That Exceed Industry Standards

Precision Plus is a precision machining solution provider to the Dental industry. As technology continues to rapidly evolve in the way of measurement, imagery, and now implantology, precision machined dental components have also continued to advance to meet the requirements of the new opportunities. These advancements in Dentistry have provided Precision Plus with ongoing opportunities to provide precision dental machining services.

Our machined components for the dental markets exceed stringent industry standards. We specialize in Swiss precision machining and have the capability to meet tight tolerances in dental machining. With decades of experience machining dental parts, tools, screws, and fasteners our team provide customers with new and improved solutions for their growing needs in the dental field.

Precision Dental Machining Capabilities

Precision Plus has had a preferred vendor relationship with the world’s leading dental products supplier for many years. For 25 years we have consistently supplied excellent components that have aided in preventive care to realigning teeth and jaws, and even in controlling snoring. Our dental machining capabilities are used for both preventive care components and implant solutions.

Preventive Dental Care Components

In the dental industry preventive care is a top priority and as a preferred supplier to the industry, we are proud to supply machined components for dental measurement, imagery, and cleaning services. Common components we supply are:

  • X-ray arms
  • Polishing mandrels
  • Heads and brush-cups
  • Dental tools

Machined Dental Components for Implant Procedures

Preventive care is the first priority for many individuals, but when more invasive solutions are needed, we have the perfect platform for the manufacturing of highly engineered dental implant components that include:

  • Angle abutments
  • Contour abutments
  • Ball anchor abutments and matrices
  • Tapered screws for multiple and one-piece implants