Intricate procedures require precision

Precision parts in the medical arena are personal. We know that these parts can change lives and may end up being used by our very own families and friends. Precision Plus takes that fact seriously and our precision machined parts perform accordingly.

As a trusted subcontractor to many medical equipment and device manufacturers, we are often an integral part of engineering teams, from the initial product development stage to final production, allowing us to help meet performance objectives and control costs.

Whether it’s a bone screw, a stabilizer, a fixation piece, or surgical tool, every precision part is made to perform flawlessly and stand up over time.  Materials used span from medical grade Titanium, 316 and 17-4ph stainless, to anodized high-strength aluminum.

Tor Kirkesola, Research ScientistCBM/Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience - Trondheim, Norway

“Just got the Ti fasteners and wanted to tell you they look fantastic. Almost half the weight of the steel option with markedly better resistance properties. We are very happy! In all, the fasteners are perfect. I am glad I found Precision Plus!”