Director of Education Stefan Brusky working with students Brad and Xavier

Youth Apprenticeships at Precision Plus Teach the Next Generation of Manufacturing Professionals Valuable Industry Knowledge

Since the Precision Plus Youth Apprenticeship Program’s inception back in 2013, students have been learning hands-on how to maintain technology that is the foundation of Swiss Machining. Director of Education & Business Development, Stefan Brusky, has been guiding current Youth Apprentices through projects in his first year with Precision Plus.

Recently, a former Precision Plus Youth Apprentice and current Swiss CNC Operator, Aaron T., finished a 2-month long project restoring a Swiss CAM machine. The project was a complete refurbishment of the tool frame and installation of polygon attachment on a Tornos R-10. Once completed, Aaron started up his next project, working with Brusky on getting a Petermann P4 ready to be put in line for production use.

Stefan Brusky working with former YA Aaron T. on the complete refurbishment of a Tornos R-10.

Current apprentices Brad D. and Xavier S. have been working on their own project with Brusky. Brad and Xavier’s project includes a complete disassembly, clean, and reassembly of a Tornos T4, including doing whatever it takes to make this a precise, fully functioning machine.

“The students look forward to working on a rewarding project and are very serious about seeing the fruits of their labor. It’s important that they learn the basics and feel of the machines through the apprenticeships.” – Stefan Brusky, Director of Education & Business Development

Stefan Brusky started in September of 2020, coming into the role with vast personal experience in the industry. Brusky has been working with Swiss CAM machines for 30 years, learning from his father who went through the Bechler Apprentice Program. Prior to Precision Plus, Brusky’s experience includes set up, training, rebuilding, maintenance, and CAM design on Tornos, Bechler, and Petermann Swiss Automatics.

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