Going the extra mile

Dennis Geisler, General Manager, Quick Coupling Division, Parker Hannifin.

“A true partnership that goes the extra mile.”

“We had a situation where we had a customer line down and needed our product immediately. To meet this customer’s needs, we had a special valve that needed to be produced. At that time, the valve was produced by an outside supplier that could not meet our needs. My purchasing manager approached me with the situation. I immediately asked him to send a print to Mike Reader at Precision Plus and said lets give him a call. Mike asked what was meant by, “how soon”? I informed him that I wasn’t talking weeks or days, but hours.”

“Long story short, in a matter of hours from the initial phone call, Mike and his team were setting up the part on their equipment. In less than 24 hours, parts were being transported towards our facility. All of this occurred in the midst of a snow storm so to get the parts to our assembly plant, our purchasing manager jumped in his 4 wheel drive truck and met one of Mike’s team members on the road to make the exchange.”

“All said and done, as true partners, we all did what was needed to meet our customers’ expectations. It is this type of commitment on both sides that has seen this partnership strengthen and business grow over the years.”

“It is an honor and pleasure to have such a relationship with Mike Reader and his team at Precision Plus”

Eric Burau, Director of Manufacturing - Trombetta

“I have always appreciated the professionalism and responsiveness from everyone that I have worked with at Precision Plus. Thank you for your continued help and dedication to quality and solving problems.
It is refreshing to work with a group that takes Quality as serious as we do, here at Trombetta.”

Rich Shouse, CNC Technology Instructor- Gateway Technical College

“My interning experience at Precision Plus was definitely time well spent as it gave me some insight on how to better prepare my students for the workplace.  I believe that my working at Precision Plus cements the relationship between Gateway and local industry.  What better way to prepare our students for local Industry after graduating, than to test the waters myself!”

Mike Cole, Divisional Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Parker Hannifin.

“I consider Precision Plus a valuable partner for QCD…Our teams collaborate on Design-for-Manufacturability projects with win-win results.”