Why Join our team?

Quite simply, you will be respected. You’ll be further educated. You will contribute to a team of professionals that have a laser-like focus on producing the absolute highest quality precision machined parts available today that are used in a wide variety of industries and products. Our precision machined parts are used in systems that help our customers package and produce goods in the food, beverage, and agriculture industries; products that help keep us safe in the aerospace and military industries; products that help save lives in EMT and fire fighting; products that are used in health care and dentistry, and much more. You will be well compensated for the skills you bring to the table and you will be proud to go to work each day. Last but not least, you will be appreciated.

Career vs Job

If you take the time to investigate us, talk with us, take a tour of our facility, you will quickly come to understand what we mean when we say we focus on helping you build a career, not just find a job. Precision Plus is focused on being the best and one only becomes the best by having a solid strategy, clear processes, the right manufacturing equipment, and most importantly the best and most talented team of people in the industry. We only stay on top of our game if you stay on top of yours. Together we achieve this ongoing level of excellence through a commitment to constant improvement and ever evolving capabilities. To do that, ongoing training and education are a must. Precision Plus invests in you and by doing so we and our customers benefit. Contact us today to learn more.

Career Opportunities

We invest tremendous efforts to be our customer’s number one choice in precision machined components, yet we invest just as much to finding and retaining talent as this is what sets us apart from our competition.  Our team members are our greatest asset and we continually look to grow and develop new talent to join our winning team.  Precision Plus is a recognized leader in workforce development efforts and is currently partnered with no less than 9 area high schools and technical colleges on their advisory boards.  We are closely aligned with the Milwaukee School of Engineering in the promotion of American manufacturing through highly trained and skilled workforce, and sit on the steering committee for Wisconsin Project Lead the Way (PLTW).  If you have a similar passion for American manufacturing or want to learn more about the exciting careers available in our industry, then please reach out to schedule a conversation.


Many focus on just their hourly wage or annual salary but the wise understand the total benefits are a far more complicated picture, and valuable.  When we are looking for a team member, we look at the long term relationship just like we view customer and vendor partners.  We are in this for the long term and genuinely care about everyone we interact with.  That is why we seek out only the best & brightest, and those we enjoy working with.  Beyond the personal interactions, we offer a great work environment, private health care with a wellness plan/focus, a generous 401(K) without a vesting period, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, $50,000 paid life insurance and countless other smaller, yet very important benefits.

Join a winning team!

We are always looking to work with outstanding people. Please submit an application if you are looking to work at a progressive, challenging organization.

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