The right solution


People, technology, process, and product, we have you covered on all fronts! All four inputs work seamlessly together at Precision Plus to consistently deliver results, and our customers choose us for this very reason. We have the skilled professionals and advanced machinery that can craft a wide assortment of parts and products that have an even wider assortment of uses such as fixing a broken bone, helping play beautiful music, or allowing a soldier to return home safe. While these parts can be micro in scale, they can make a big impact to businesses and people’s lives.

Our floor contains some of the newest machining equipment, but also machines that have stood the test of time. Our capabilities have always, first and foremost, been built on a foundation of our clients’ needs. As a result, we are always changing and growing, making sure you get the best product and the best value. We partner with some of the biggest names in equipment in the industry, such as Tsugami, Miyano and Tornos; they provide us with some of the best technology in the world.

Every equipment platform has a niche, and it is about matching the parts and volumes with the most cost effective and reliable solution.  This is why we remain committed to the Tornos cam actuated machines, as they are perfect for the small, very close tolerance pins, shafts and screws.  Moving up to the more complex parts, our 27 CNC Swiss machines over 5 platforms give us great balance, yet standardized platforms from modest to very demanding applications.  Moving beyond traditional Swiss lathes and sizes (> 1.25” diameter), we have a bank of 6 Miyano CNC Turret lathes for bigger and very complex geometries up to 2.5” in diameter.  We look at all of our relationships based on value and a mutual long-term commitment.  From our employees, to our vendors and equipment suppliers, we seek out the best from each group and weave them into our culture of excellence that allows us to form lifelong partnerships with our clients.

Michael Martinez, Director of Sales & Marketing - Rubicon Gear

“I truly value the partnership I have forged with Precision Plus and always look forward to recommending them as a supplier of high integrity, respect and precision machined components.”