CNC Swiss Machining and Swiss CAM Machining

Swiss machining is the ideal choice for small, complex components with tight tolerances. Precision Plus offers precision swiss machining services for a variety of industries. Our precision services have always been tailored to meet the needs of our clients. As we continue to grow, evolve, and innovate, our mission has, and always will be to ensure our current and future clients receive superior products at the highest value. 


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Our Swiss Machining Equipment

The production floor at Precision Plus contains some of the newest equipment and state-of-the-art technologies. By partnering with leading precision machining equipment manufacturers, including Star, Tsugami, and Tornos, this provides us with access to some of the best manufacturing technology in the world. 

We match parts and volume with the most cost-effective and reliable machining solution to ensure consistent, high-quality parts and products.

CNC Swiss Machining

Our fleet of CNC Swiss turn machines at Precision Plus deliver on providing extremely tight tolerances, complex parts, shorter run times, part consistency, and large volume production. These platforms provide balanced and standardized solutions, ranging from modest to very demanding applications.

Our equipment lineup for Swiss CNC machining includes:

  • 1 Tsugami B0205-III (20mm) capacity
  • 2 Tsugami SS327-5AX (32mm) capacity
  • 5 Tsugami SS20/26 (20/26mm) capacity
  • 8 Tsugami S205 (20mm) capacity
  • 4 Tsugami BE12-V (12mm) capacity
  • 3 Star SW-20 (20mm) capacity
  • 4 Star SW-12 (12mm) capacity
  • 4 Star SR-10J (10mm) capacity

Swiss CAM Machining

Our fleet of 60 Swiss CAM machines are perfect for small components with tight tolerances such as pins, shafts and screws. The Tornos CAM actuated machines give us the ability to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions for their precision machined components.  

Our equipment lineup for Swiss CAM machining includes:

  • 30 Tornos R-10 & R-125’s (12mm capacity)
  • 21 Tornos M-7’s (7mm capacity)
  • 5 Tornos M-4’s (4mm capacity)

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Your Precision Swiss Machining Experts

Precision Plus has over 40 years of precision machining experience. We are an ISO: 9001:2015 certified company and hold many other certifications to ensure your stringent standards are met. Precision Plus is your reliable partner for consistent, high quality parts delivered on time and at a competitive price

Our proven track record of delivering exceptional results has made us the preferred solution provider to many Fortune 500 companies. Let us show you why! 

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“I truly value the partnership I have forged with Precision Plus and always look forward to recommending them as a supplier of high integrity, respect and precision machined components.”