Part Inspection & Finishing

Precision Plus is an industry leader in producing the highest quality precision machined parts and components. For machined part inspection our team utilizes a variety of sophisticated measuring devices and state-of-the-art inspection tools and technology. These tools ensure that parts with intricate features and tight tolerances meet the specified requirements. All of our precision parts are not considered “finished” until they have passed through our part finishing and washing department.


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Surface Finish Capabilities

Our team makes an already great surface finish even better through our surface finish capabilities. To ensure parts are free of debris and rough surfaces, and exceed our clients quality expectations, our part finishing and cleaning systems can:

  • Enhance surface finish
  • Deburr sharp edges
  • Polish
  • Decontaminate from oils and grease
  • Clean
  • Vapor degrease
  • Vacuum dry
  • Pressure flood

Precision Machined Part Inspection Capabilities

We invest in state-of-the-art inspection cameras, gauges, and other measuring tools for our precision part inspection. This guarantees our clients receive the highest quality parts every time. We utilize Micronite process and production control software to turn data into laser-focused intelligence, making us the preferred solution provider to our strategic partners.

Quality Control Guaranteed

Precision Plus is accredited with ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 Quality Management Systems. We also have many other certifications to guarantee your stringent requirements are fulfilled. You can count on us to deliver the perfect balance of quality, cost, and service for success in today’s global economy.

We offer a variety of Swiss machining and conventional CNC machining services for your precision part needs.

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Michael Martinez, Director of Sales & Marketing - Rubicon Gear

“I truly value the partnership I have forged with Precision Plus and always look forward to recommending them as a supplier of high integrity, respect and precision machined components.”