Harnessing Small, Crafting Powerful Precision Solutions


In the world of exceptional craftsmanship, whether it’s in the industry of high-end musical instruments or the precision of luxury timepiece watches, a shared thread binds those who transform a passion for machining excellence into art.

At Precision Plus, our skilled machinists are united by this very bond. We, too, embrace the pursuit of perfection with our craft, rooted in our skill sets of engineering and precision machining and manufacturing. Each of us here is dedicated, passionate, and committed to our work, uncompromising in our standards, and relentless in our pursuit of perfection and precision everyday.

You can depend on our team of experts to provide micro precision machining services that deliver tight tolerances and highest quality precision parts, components and solutions – delivered on time, and at a fair price to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Contact us to discuss your needs or request a quote today!

High Quality Micro Machined Components

Our clients turn to us in search of something extraordinary—be it in size, control, geometry, surface finish, or aesthetics. They require that their precision screws, couplings, or other meticulously crafted precision component holds the potential to profoundly impact someone’s life or provides them with the immense satisfaction of a perfectly struck note or exquisitely designed product.

Precision Plus manufactures micro machined components with intricate features and tight tolerances of diameters down to 0.006” and hole drilling down to 0.003”, that are impossible to inspect visually. By utilizing state-of-the-art inspection technology tools, and equipment, we have the capability to machine and measure precision components. This ensures your requirements are met, and guarantees you receive the highest quality parts on time, every time. We are here to help engineer, precision machine, and deliver on the tight tolerances and quality your project requires.

Micro Machining Services

Precision CNC Micro Machining

We utilize a variety of Swiss machining and Precision CNC Micro Machining capabilities to provide the highest quality, precision machined components using the most cost-effective and reliable solution. CNC Swiss turned machining provides many benefits including:

  • Extremely tight tolerances
  • More complex parts
  • Shorter run times
  • Consistency in part results
  • Large volume production

Our continual investment in the latest technology from industry-leading suppliers allow us to meet the advancements of the industries we serve and ensure our clients receive the highest value and best part result.

Quality Control & Surface Finish

Our skilled technicians at Precision Plus utilize an array of sophisticated inspection devices and advanced software solutions to ensure part accuracy and quality. Our addition of Micronite process and production control software has turned a mountain of data into a laser-focused intelligence that makes us the preferred solution provider to our strategic partners.

Our dedicated team of skilled precision machining finishing specialists will make your parts look like jewelry! Precision Plus has produced very precise parts for our business partner, Hollenwolff, an American Heritage brand company dedicated to producing finely crafted cufflinks to celebrate life’s milestone moments.

At Precision Plus, we do not consider a precision part “finished” until it has passed through our CNC finishing and washing department. With a variety of vibratory, tumbling, and polishing systems, our team can make an already great surface finish even better.

Precision Plus Is Your Reliable Partner for Micro Machining

Our 40+ years of precision machining experience, coupled with our ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 accredited Quality Management Systems provides you with the right combination of quality, cost, and service needed to compete in today’s global supply chain and economy.

Contact our experts today to get started.