Hitting notes, marking time, and keeping secrets

Industrial-CufflinksThere is a common thread among quality musical instruments and the craftsmanship of high-end watches. That thread manifests itself in a common bond among those that combine a thirst for excellence into an art form. The skilled machinists at Precision Plus share that bond and we too weave that thread of the pursuit of excellence and perfection into an art form that has its roots in science and math. We are all perfectionists, dedicated to our crafts, intolerant of substandard work and obsessed with the desire to be even better tomorrow than today. We, at Precision Plus, have the privilege of working with these craftsmen, craftswomen, and true artists.

Our customers come to us looking for something special—size, control, geometry, surface finish or cosmetics. They need that precision screw, that precision coupling or other precision component that may just have an enormous impact on someone’s life or just give us immense satisfaction in a note well hit or product beautifully crafted. We are here to help engineer, precision manufacture, and deliver on tight tolerances and quality.

Our dedicated team of skilled craftsmen and women will make your parts look like jewelry, in fact we even make very precise parts for our business partner Hollenwolff. They are an American Heritage brand company dedicated to producing finely crafted cufflinks to celebrate life’s milestone moments. We are here to serve your every need.