Prototypes, problem solving, and Secrets

We love hearing from customers or new contacts who reach out and say “I have a problem and am looking for help”.  This type of call opens up some of the most productive dialog imaginable.  Military, aerospace, industrial, and even jewelry manufacturers have sought out our help in times when others were either not interested or simply unable to think outside the box.  It helps to have extensive relationships with industry leaders and educators that enjoy the same challenges we do.  We have partnered with universities such as the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) and their Rapid Prototype Consortium, knowing collaboration can mean great strides and new ideas.  This sort of partnering outside our own walls provides us access to the best and brightest minds in industry and education, as well as the latest 3D printing and design technology available today.

John Nolan, President - Precision Machine Tech

Excellent supplier, easy to work with.  Problem solvers with excellent quality.