Your Industries, Our Experience 

ElectricalWhat makes the precision machined parts industry so much fun is the new projects we become part of every day.  One moment we are discussing a product design for Sub-Sea connections that need to live 5,000 feet below the surface and perform flawlessly for 30+ years.  Next, we are reviewing procedures for the installation of dental implants using right angle abutments made from Titanium alloy.  Each experience adds to our portfolio of knowledge and enhances our ability to serve all our partners better.

 While this experience is extremely valuable, the trust our partners have placed in us is even more important.  Uncompromising confidentiality is king, and our integrity is everything to us.  Know that this is the way we operate, whether it be with a formal non-disclosure agreement or a handshake and a smile, we treat everyone’s confidential information equally secure. Most importantly our client partners are secure in the knowledge that at Precision Plus the precision products we produce are made with unmatched craftsmanship and quality. Discover how Precision Plus is changing the game in precision machining and find out how our precision solutions and components can change YOUR game, today!