When Reliability Means Survival

Defense-OrdinancePrecision Plus is a DDTC and ITAR compliant supplier of highly-engineered defense components used in a wide variety of military systems and applications. For more than 25 years, we have supported the men and women of the Armed Forces by ensuring the tools of their trade are safe and reliable. At Precision Plus, quality is everything. Our commitment to delivering only the very best is the foundation of our organization’s mission to be the number one solution provider of machined components for our clients.

Precision Plus manufactures components for various military markets that may include the following:

  • Door actuation systems
  • Missile  guidance systems

We also manufacture pins, rotors, screws, and arming components for ordnance fuzes, firing pins for the explosive rounds used in high-delivery “chain guns” mounted on ground vehicles and aircraft, and many other defense components required for flawless operation in the most demanding of situations.

Our precision machined components span a variety of materials – from high-strength aluminum, stainless, and alloy steels to brass and polymers. Precision Plus works with certified vendors for treating and plating to ensure all military specifications and certifications are met. 

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