It takes precision to deliver munitions on target and at precisely the right time, and just as the men and women of our military must be prompt with their delivery, so must Precision Plus. Our military leaders and ordnance suppliers depend on our team of skilled manufacturing professionals to deliver the highest-quality small arms and ordnance parts on time, every time.  The men and women of Precision Plus and Walworth County have been doing this for decades, going back to Borg Instruments once headquartered in Delavan, Wisconsin – being one of the many legacies and skill sets the entrepreneur George Borg left behind.  From proximity fuses and arming components to the rudder adjustment screws in the AMRAAM missile and sighting systems, we have the right stuff.


Machined Components for Small Arms and Ordnance Parts

Each precision machined part made for small arms is engineered to work flawlessly while withstanding wear and tear over time. Below you can find some of the small arms components machined by Precision Plus’ team of manufacturing professionals.

  • Firing Pins
  • GPS Battery Cover Screws
  • Fuze Base
  • Cocking Pins
  • Potentiometer Screws
  • Zig Zag Body

Machined Small Arms and Ordnance Parts Materials

When manufacturing small arms and ordnance parts, a variety of high-quality materials are used and include the following: 

  • 303 Stainless Steel
  • 416 Stainless Steel
  • Aluminum 2024-T4
  • Steel Alloy 4140

Raymond Motley, President/Owner - Tri-Tec Industries

The parts look great. Nice quality work from you as always. Thanks for the great service.