In Tune with Your Needs

Craftsmanship: a word that we do not hear often enough in today’s global economy. One where driving cost down to the lowest possible on the planet has become, for some at least, the higher priority. To others, the objective remains clear: to manufacture the highest quality product in the world through uncompromising attention to detail. The musician and machinist are very similar, and we are fortunate to have wonderful partners and brand leaders in both. Partners in the music industry, for example, like Fox Products and Brannen Brothers Flutemakers. Our components are selected for use in the top oboes, bassoons and professional flutes made here in America. Shafts and arbors with tolerances as close as 0.0001” with mirror-like surfaces are standard fare. Custom screws and adjustment pieces anchor everything in place for consistent results.

Donna Fugate - Fox Products

“I really enjoy working with vendors who are willing to go the extra mile to get things delivered on time and with good quality. Precision Plus is among the best.”