• ROLL JCOM SS1 vacuum solvent degreasing parts washing machine
• United Surface Solutions Finishing Machine

• Dürr Ecoclean Minio 85C parts washer
 with ultrasonics, vapor degreasing &
 vacuum drying
• 2 Earth-Chain spinner micro-deburring
 machines, 1 model HD-735 & 1 HD-750CL
• Vibratory & barrel tumbling equipment
• JAYCO Citric Passivation System

Washing, Cleaning, and a Proper Finish

At Precision Plus, we do not consider a precision part “finished” until it has passed through our CNC Finishing and Washing Department. With a variety of vibratory, tumbling, and polishing systems, our team can make an already great surface finish even better.

Precision Plus CNC Surface Finish and Clean Capabilities

The washing and polishing of CNC machined components are a vital part of the post-production process. Precision Plus utilizes a variety of solvents and solutions to ensure our client’s parts are free of debris and rough surfaces that are a common occurrence due to the subtractive nature of the CNC process.

Finishing systems are in place that enhances surface finish, deburr sharp edges, polish parts, and decontaminate parts from oils and grease used in production. Before packaging, the final operation involves putting the precision components through our ROLL JCOM SS1 parts cleaning system. The vacuum machine is designed to clean, vapor degrease, vacuum dry, and pressure flood the finished parts. The ROLL is the most economical and environmentally safe industry-proven cleaning machine for industrial high tech and high/low volume parts cleaning tasks. This level of cleaning not only ensures that the components are delivered without microscopic debris but also allows for smoother post-production processes such as plating.

Precision Plus Low Environmental and Economic Impact

Precision Plus takes pride in the low environmental impact our finishing and washing process produces. The ROLL is the most economical and environmentally safe industryproven cleaning system for industrial high tech and high / low volume parts cleaning tasks.

This self-contained system recirculates the cleaning agent through a filtration and distillation process that allows it to be recycled for approximately one year before needing to be replaced. When the cleaning agent reaches the end of its lifecycle, Precision Plus utilizes a trusted third party to re-refine or dispose of the spent fluids in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.