30 machines total for complex parts
•  2 Tsugami SS327-5AX (32mm) capacity
•  5 Tsugami SS20/26 (20/26mm) capacity

•  8 Tsugami S205 (20mm) capacity
•  4 Tsugami BE12-V (12mm) capacity
•  3 Star SW-20 (20mm) capacity
•  4 Star SW-12 (12mm) capacity
•  4 Star SR-10J (10mm) capacity

Precision CNC with Computer Numerical Control

These computer-controlled lathes are better suited for turning components with intricate features that may require back and cross working tools. They also provide a more efficient process for larger-sized parts than mechanically operated machines. All of our Swiss CNCs have been fitted with magazine bar feeding mechanisms to enhance productivity and capture lights out manufacturing. Most have high pressure coolant pumps to drive coolant-through drills, and break up turning chips from less than friendly machining materials. Coupled with the right equipment, Precision Plus’ highly skilled team will produce the right component for you in small, medium or large volumes.


SS327-5AX The SS327-5AX platform delivers unmatched flexibility, capability and performance.  These systems perform continuous live cutting using a Servo-driven B-axis, enabling us to cut complex parts complete in one set-up.  The B-axis live tool capability (four front, four rear), machines in coordination with the C-axis, delivering the ability to cut precise angles and sculpted contours.  The swiveling B-axis transforms these Swiss type lathes into machines that can drill, tap, and end mill any angle.  These machines are perfect for machining complex geometry like right angle abutments for dental implants.  Give us a call to review your most complex challenges.