30 machines total for complex parts
•  1 Tsugami B0205-III (20mm) capacity
•  2 Tsugami SS327-5AX (32mm) capacity
•  5 Tsugami SS20/26 (20/26mm) capacity

•  8 Tsugami S205 (20mm) capacity
•  4 Tsugami BE12-V (12mm) capacity
•  3 Star SW-20 (20mm) capacity
•  4 Star SW-12 (12mm) capacity
•  4 Star SR-10J (10mm) capacity


Swiss-style lathes are better suited for turning components with intricate features that may require back and cross working tools. They also provide a more efficient process for larger-sized parts than mechanically operated machines. All of our CNC Swiss turned machines have been fitted with magazine bar feeding mechanisms to enhance productivity and capture lights out manufacturing. Most have high-pressure coolant pumps to drive coolant-through drills and break up turning chips from less than friendly machining materials. Coupled with the right equipment, Precision Plus’ highly skilled team will produce the right component for you in small, medium, or large volumes.

What is CNC Swiss Turned Machining?

CNC Swiss turning technology was originally developed in Switzerland for very small precision screws and pins used in watches. Today, Swiss lathes are used for precision machining applications in a variety of industries that may require both precision and high production volume. Swiss turning is a manufacturing process where bar stock is fed through a guide bushing that firmly supports the material as it enters the tooling area of the machine. The metal is rotated during machining at an accelerated rate which is referred to as turning. This technique provides stability and can allow for the manufacturing of very small or complex parts. Though CNC Swiss turned machines can be used for turned pieces like screws, they also produce complex pieces that have no turned surfaces.

At Precision Plus, we utilize a variety of Swiss machining capabilities to provide the highest quality precision machined components using the most cost-effective solution. Strategically planning our capabilities to meet the advancements within the industries we serve has resulted in our continual investment in the latest technology. View our Machining Capabilities brochure to learn how we can serve you!


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Benefits of CNC Swiss Turned Machining

There are several key benefits of CNC Swiss turned machining that differentiates it from other machining methods. These benefits include:

  • Extremely tight tolerances
  • More complex parts
  • Shorter run times
  • Consistency in part results
  • Large volume production


The B0205 platform allows our manufacturing professionals to perform highly complex front and back simultaneous machining, including off-center drilling, off-center tapping, end-milling, or cross-drilling. The B0205-III features the state-of-the-art Fanuc control system for low idle times and high-speed cutting. The horizontally opposed gang tool layout offers the shortest path tool to tool and therefore, the quickest possible chip to chip time.

If you need a partner you can depend on to deliver consistent, high quality parts on time and at a fair price, Precision Plus is your top choice. Contact us today to learn why industry leading companies choose us for their precision machined parts.


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