• Mecco Laser Marking System
• 3 Hardinge DV-59 lathes
• Barker mills
• Drill presses
• Haas Indexing heads
• Levin jeweler’s lathes
• Cogsdill burnishing machine
• 3 Omniturn CNC’s retrofitted and rebuilt
• Hardinge GT-27 Super Precision Lathe


When it comes to extras, “yes we can”

LaserEtchWhile technology has improved the way precision parts are manufactured today, there still are occasions where a multi-process mill/turn operation cannot complete the components as specified by our customers.

A secondary department, complete with a wide array of tools, which include lathes, mills, drills and assembly equipment may be necessary to complete the job to customer-satisfaction. Having a secondary operations department allows Precision Plus to have the flexibility to find the best combination of solutions to yield cost effective, precision components with an efficient turn-around time.