Quality Assurance

• 2 Zeiss Duramax CMMs,
 accuracy from 2.4um + L/300
• 1 Scienscope Smart Cam MZ7
 Micro Zoom 24.4X – 157.2X
• 4 OASIS optical profile,
 accuracy to +/-0.0001””
• 5 Starrett HE 400 optical comparators
• 1 Mitutoyo Roundtest model RA1400
• 3 Universal concentricity gage
 gold series
• 2 Nikon SMZ645 microscopes
• 1 Mitutoyo 0-18” digital height gage
  • 1 Surftest SJ-400 with MiCAT software
  • Micronite Process Management software
 shop wide.
  • PQ Systems SPC software Including
 full compliment of digital bore gages,
 micrometers, calipers & test equipment

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Precision Plus-154Precision Plus manufactures precision parts with intricate features and tight tolerances that are impossible to simply inspect visually.  It starts with a well-engineered process, followed with the right tools to inspect the results and validate the process.  For this, we employ an array of sophisticated inspection devices and advanced software solutions in the hands of skilled technicians.

 Utilizing tried and true tools like micrometers and microscopes, along with optical comparators, vision systems, concentricity equipment, and advanced coordinate measuring machine (CMM) technology, we have the capability to measure all precision components to ensure they meet your requirements.  The addition of Micronite process and production control software has turned a mountain of data into a laser focused intelligence that makes us the preferred solution provider to our strategic partners.

Coupled with our ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 accredited Quality Management Systems, we offer you the right combination of quality, cost, and service you need to compete in today’s global economy.