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Quiz: Who is the only watch manufacturer in the world to put product on the moon?

Answer: Omega SA. They were selected after a series of rigorous tests concluded that they produced the most accurate and robust movements in the world at that time.

Watch Parts Manufacturing

The Swiss type screw machine was invented in Moutier, Switzerland around 1870. Several lay claim as the first, but the impact on the machining world has been profound. What started as the only solution for large scale production of these tiny, yet very precise watch screws, shafts and worm gears, has expanded across nearly every industry in need of close tolerance machined solutions. Having toured Omega headquarters and several tier one suppliers within Switzerland, we are pleased to say most all of these intricate watch parts are still produced on the Tornos, Swiss screw machines to this day.

When Precision Plus opened its doors in 1982, one of the first purchases made were several Tornos machines. We now have more than 60 Tornos, Swiss made machines within our equipment lineup for very small, close tolerance work that watch parts manufacturing requires. Contact our team of experts to discuss your needs or request a quote today!


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Quality Control & Surface Finishing of Watch Components

Precision Plus has strived to be an industry leader in the quality production and inspection of machined parts and components to supply our clients every needs. Our skilled machinist and technicians employ an array of sophisticated inspection devices and advanced software solutions to guarantee your watch movement parts and components meet your requirements and perform flawlessly.

The washing and polishing of the components we produce are a vital part of our post-production watch parts manufacturing process. Our finishing systems enhance surface finish, deburr sharp edges, polish parts, and decontaminate parts from oils and grease used in production. This ensures your watch parts are delivered without microscopic debris, and allows for smoother post-product processes, such as plating anodizing, and passivation.

Combined with our ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 accredited Quality Management Systems, Precision Plus offers you the right combination of quality, cost, and service you need to compete in today’s global economy.

Precision Plus Is Your Reliable Watch Part Manufacturer

With more than 40 years of Swiss machining experience and state-of-the-art technology, Precision Plus has the experience, talent, and capabilities to provide high quality OEM watch components that match the craftsmanship of your intricate timepieces.

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