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Precision Plus understands what it takes for pneumatic systems to run flawlessly: precision parts of the highest caliber. Precision Plus is the premier manufacturer and supplier of components and custom machined parts for hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Pneumatic parts often combine the difficulties of near-perfect size, shape, and surface finish to perform as needed in their field applications. It is only with the seamless interaction of the multiple components that these systems make our lives easier, safer, and more productive. Common pneumatic system components include cages, spools, bodies, seats, retainers, stems, pistons, plungers, poppets, screws, and valves.

A few examples of pneumatic components we manufacture include:

Pneumatic Systems Power the Industry

Our precision machined parts are used in pneumatic systems in a variety of industries. For example, in agricultural equipment these parts enable crops to be harvested more quickly and with less waste, while at the same time improving automation system reliability. In the automotive industry, manufacturers use our parts in systems that reduce particulate emissions from trucks hauling materials across the country. In construction, equipment manufacturers use our precision parts in pneumatic lifts that perform with greater safety.

A Precision Machined Parts Manufacturer You Can Trust

Precision Plus operates with a clear and focused vision when engineering these products. Regardless of the final application, we strive to provide our clients with precise parts that allow their systems to work reliably. Too often, not enough thought is given to the components that really make the system work – until that system fails. That is not an option at Precision Plus.

Flawless execution starts with having a solid plan, proven materials, the right equipment, skilled craftsmen and reliable sub-contractors. From acquiring raw material to delivering finished parts to our customers, we ensure the highest quality machined pneumatic parts are delivered on time, everytime..

Materials used for pneumatic components may include aluminum, alloy, carbon and stainless steels, brass, and even plastics. Our sub-contracted partners specialize in heat treating, grinding, honing and plating operations. Together we have earned preferred supplier status at many of the premier pneumatic and hydraulic control manufacturers.

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