Catching Up With PMPA

The great group of folks who took part in the two-day training session at ZPS America.

Besides being President of Precision Plus, Mike Reader also wears the hat of First Vice President of the Precision Machine Products Association (PMPA). He is now one and a half years into his three-year commitment with the association and path to the association presidency. He says it has been a rewarding journey and one filled with opportunities, as the PMPA leadership team works to redefine itself and the service model for their membership going forward. Mike would like to thank current PMPA President Mike Preston and the entire staff in Brecksville, Ohio, who work diligently on behalf of all members. He would also like to give a shout out to Miles Free, Monte Guitar, Renee Merker, Andrea Jeric, Jackie Bloom and Matthew Hooper.

The National Technical Conference was held in April at the Chicago O’Hare Crown Plaza hotel and was attended by approximately 400 members who rated it one of the best conferences on record. Precision Plus was happy to have sent ten team members to the conference with six of them being first timers.

ZPS America hosted a two-day training session recently with all proceeds going to the PMPA Education Foundation. PMPA would like to thank Olaf & Claudia Tessarzyk of ZPS for their generosity and commitment to the Foundation.

PMPA is happy to welcome back Mitchel & Scott. Pictured from left, Mitchel & Scott CEO John Green, Mike Reader, and ZPS America’s Olaf Tessarzyk.

ZPS America also hosted a two-day open house following the training days. This event was well attended by customers, suppliers, and distributors, but more importantly, was the announcement that former and long-time PMPA member Mitchel & Scott would be returning to the association after a three-year absence. Mike Reader was happy to be present to congratulate M&S President John Green, and he looks forward to working closely with John.

PMPA’s upcoming board meeting is scheduled for next week in Traverse City, Michigan. This is a good opportunity for the leadership team to step aside from their “paid jobs” to develop steadily improved programing and services for their membership.

The PMPA Education Foundation is revisiting its Strategic Plan with new Executive Director Jon Kozesky, and they look forward to making an even bigger impact in the second half of the year. There has already been a lot of great work done by this association. Please be sure to circulate the “Change Your Game” video at your local school district, and help motivate the next generation to explore rewarding career opportunities in manufacturing.

Mike Reader addresses the group at ZPS America.

Mike’s travels on behalf of the association will ramp up even more in the third year of his journey, and he is excited to meet with and tour member shops across north America. He looks forward to the opportunity to learn more and help members find ways to succeed in this everchanging industry.

The PMPA has been in continuous operation since its inception in 1933, and the success of the organization can be attributed to the dedicated involvement of its members and leadership. If you are an industry leader who wants to learn more about the PMPA, visit


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