Dr. Robert Spitzer Donates Life’s Work

The Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS) recently celebrated the transfer of Dr. Robert R. Spitzer’s personal and professional papers to the Society. It is noteworthy to share that the WHS is the second largest repository of historical artifacts like it in the country, second only to the Library of Congress. Their archivists catalogue the materials over the next few years before the final presentation is ready. Dr. Spitzer’s sharing of 96 years of leadership, inspiration, and world travels is truly a treasure for the state of Wisconsin. Dr. Spitzer says this is his way of giving back to an organization he truly admires. Read more at

Mike and Patricia Reader were honored to be guests at the ceremony. The guest list was a who’s who of Wisconsin leadership with a lifetime of accomplishments. The words of those who presented on behalf of Dr. Spitzer were inspiring, and one sentence in particular, resonated with everyone in the room. “After spending time with Dr. Spitzer, the immediate thought is that if this man is still capable of so much, why are we all not able to do more?”

Dr. Spitzer is truly a man with a mission, even at 96 years young. His accomplishments are a testament to the power of positive thinking and what is possible when you are unwilling to take no for an answer. It is no wonder he and Norman Vincent Peale were such close personal friends.

In 2010, the Wisconsin Historical Society honored Dr. Spitzer with the Charles Van Hise Award for Distinction in Education, and it is included to share a few of his accomplishments in what is a very rich lifetime. Dr. Spitzer is an inspiration to all, and you are encouraged to take a moment to learn from him.

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