MSOE Freshman-Life Update from Precision Plus Intern Amanda Mudlaff

Amanda Mudlaff is a freshman at Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE). Since 2014, she has served as a dedicated intern and an apprentice at Precision Plus (PPI) in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Her work is impeccable and her enthusiasm is contagious. She’s also an applied student who has earned a scholarship from PPI, with the possibility of it being renewed for the next three years. She will be back at Precision Plus for a short-term winter break internship when school is off.

Amanda Mudlaff is checking the surface finish of a part on the surface finish tester at Precision Plus

Mark Beilman, Director of Education and Training, asked Amanda to bring us up-to-date with details of a very busy first half of her freshman academic year. This is what she had to say:

Well…during the first trimester, I took the four basic assigned classes for every freshman: Calculus, Chemistry 1, Freshman Studies Part 1—which is basically an English class, and a selected course for my major, SolidWorks. I got a 3.6 GPA…which is really exciting.

Now that second trimester rolled around and I was able to pick my classes, I decided to take Calculus 2, Chemistry 2, Physics, Freshman Studies Part 2, and Mat Lab—a basic programming class for all majors.

As of my first trimester, Chemistry was the only class that I seem to struggle with. I’ve never been a huge fan of chemistry, because even if I tried to understand it, I couldn’t seem to wrap my head around all the concepts. However, the school here offers a tutor system …so I used that to my full advantage. Now that the second trimester has started, Chemistry is still challenging, but not as hard as before. 

My best experiences so far in college have been to join the Kappa Sigma Mu Multicultural Sorority (KSM) and the Stunt Team. I’ve met so many people from these two groups, all of whom have been amazing. 

As the Stunt Team continues to practice, the stunts we perform continue to get crazier! Every day at practice, our coach pushes us to try these crazy stunts that everyone is afraid to do… But then we manage to hit them, it’s an awesome experience that shows you how pushing yourself and not being afraid really makes a difference. 

As the year has gone, my roommate and I still hangout a ton. She’s a lot like me in many ways—which is a really awesome thing. We’ve never fought about anything either, so I’d say we’re still doing well. We don’t hang out as much as we did in the beginning of the year, but that makes sense now that we have other friends as well. 

I don’t exactly have a lot of good things to say about dorm food, however, the RWJ cafeteria has good potatoes and yogurt, but that’s usually it. The Roscoe’s cafeteria has amazing sandwiches and smoothies, and the Sky Light Cafe has really good wraps and fries. All of the employees are super nice though, so it makes it worthwhile. 

My career plans still haven’t changed. I’m still focused on becoming a mechanical engineer at this time…although, I may double major next year, and go with Electrical Engineering as well. If I major in both of those programs, I’ll have a lot of experience to hopefully become a marine engineer later on. 

My favorite class thus far into the school year has been my SolidWorks class. I already knew how to do all of the assignments, but our teacher taught us short cuts in the program to help speed up the process. It was interesting to learn. 

I am beyond excited to come back to Precision Plus I can’t wait for the summers again, but right now I’m more excited for coming back over winter break. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is…waking up before the sun is even rising. (Haha)

I can’t wait to see everyone again!