Precision Plus Adds Citizen M32 VIIIs To Expanding Fleet of CNC Lathes

Precision Plus expanded its fleet of CNC precision machining equipment and services with their latest installation of 2 Citizen M532 VIII Swiss CNC Lathes. 

The 5-axis Citizen M532 VIII can precision machine bar diameters up to 32mm in a guide bushing or chucker mode configuration. In addition, the M532 VIII is equipped with a 2000 psi coolant system and an electronic servo ejection gripper arm that allows machinists to extract the long and delicate precision parts that our clients in the firearms, defense, medical, dental and industrial industries use for the mission-critical projects. 

“As the world continues to face unprecedented supply chain and economic uncertainty, Precision Plus continues its mission of delivering the highest-quality precision machined parts and components to its current and future clients by investing in additions like this”, V.P. of Sales and Engineering, Michael P. Reader says. “These new Swiss CNC lathes come equipped with LFV technology our engineers and machinists can utilize to enhance the overall operation success and chip control management for a wide variety of materials like stainless steels, plastics, and other exotic materials.”

Precision Plus also added the United Surface Solutions Part Finishing Machine to its arsenal of finishing and washing equipment this past January. This addition has enabled the company to reduce its part finishing time for 45 unique jobs by an average of 12.6 hours per lot, nearly 2,185%.

Continued investments in state-of-the-art technology, CNC machinery, and finishing equipment like these bring Precision Plus’s fleet of CNC machines to 35 machines and total investments to over $5 million since 2020. 

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About Precision Plus

Precision Plus provides precision machined solutions for small parts across industries in the defense, firearms, medical, dental, industrial and more. The company’s award-winning culture of passionate manufacturing professionals and commitment to ongoing investments in technology results in timely responses, quality products, and on-time delivery. Through collaborative engagement/early supplier involvement (ESI) with our clients, our Application Engineering team can help develop the most cost-effective solutions to deliver ultimate performance and value. With support from our knowledgeable Production team, our professional Client Services group provides timely responses and delivers quality products on time and at a fair price. Precision Plus offers inventory management programs for our clients, whereby our team monitors inventory levels and finished components are shipped as needed. 

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