Precision Plus Adds Citric Passivation System to Expanding Fleet of Equipment, In-House Services

Precision Plus recently expanded its fleet of precision machining equipment and services with the installation of a JAYCO J8-1220-PRO Citric Passivation System. This state-of-the-art, fully automated passivation system allows for in-house, high-performance corrosion prevention and surface decontamination of the precision machined parts manufactured by Precision Plus. The addition of the passivation system will allow Precision Plus to have overall higher-quality control, lower production costs, and shorter lead times.

“By bringing this system in-house, we will not only be able to provide our clients with an overall higher-quality product but also quicker delivery of their precision machined components,” Sales Engineer and Estimator, Ryan Nuhn explains. “Rather than outsourcing this process to a third-party vendor, our team of manufacturing professionals will be part of the entirety of the production process every step of the way.”

Traditional passivation systems utilize nitric acid solutions, but more recent trends that Precision Plus adheres to have transitioned to a greener, more cost-efficient chemical solution: citric acid. 

“Citric passivation is the way of the future,” Vice President of Engineering, Michael P. Reader, predicts. “Studies have shown that it yields better results than nitric passivation with far lower acid concentrations. Citric Acid, found in lemons and limes, puts an emphasis on the acid’s environmentally friendly impact it has on Precision Plus’s efforts towards sustainability.”

The new citric passivation system brings the investment in equipment by Precision Plus over the last three years to nearly $3 million.

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About Precision Plus

Precision Plus provides precision machined solutions for small parts across aerospace, dental, medical, and more industries. The company’s phenomenal culture of passionate people and commitment to ongoing investments in technology results in timely responses, quality products, and on-time delivery. Through collaborative engagement/early supplier involvement (ESI) with our clients, our Application Engineering team can help develop the most cost-effective solutions to deliver ultimate performance and value. With support from our knowledgeable Production team, our professional Client Services group provides timely responses and delivers quality products on time and at a fair price. Precision Plus offers inventory management programs for our clients, whereby our team monitors inventory levels and finished components are shipped as needed.


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