Precision Plus Spotlight On: Jose Diaz

When I graduated in 2009 from Whitewater High School, my mind was set on having a career as a mechanic in the automotive industry. To reach that goal, I attended Blackhawk Technical college and earned a two-year Automotive Technician degree. With this gained knowledge, I worked for a construction company performing all maintenance on the heavy machinery. It did not take long to realize I lacked enthusiasm for the work and decided it was time to do something different.

My dad enjoyed his work as a machinist at a local manufacturing company, which helped me to consider a new career in advanced manufacturing. Starting with an entry level position at the same company as my father, I quickly advanced, learning how to operate vertical mills and lathes. That is when I decided machining was the right path for me. I love the shop environment, new technology, and working with my hands.

By late 2017, I had started a family. I needed something secure that would allow me to support their every need and be there for them. Operating machines was just not enough, and that is when I looked to Precision Plus. They were able to accommodate my schedule to fit my family needs, while also offering a personal growth plan for my career. I started as an operator on the BE platform and was quickly promoted to CNC technician. Then I transitioned to the bigger, more complex SS platform, where I have had the opportunity to set up machines, generate new part programs, and assist other operations with repairs and guidance to creating quality parts.

My interest in technology has also kept me at Precision Plus. The company has some of the most advanced equipment available. From CNC machines with the ability to hold tolerances of up to .0001” and a robot handling parts to enhance the performance of operators, to state-of-the-art visual inspection systems – Precision Plus has it all! There is opportunity for continual growth for all employees within the company. I enjoy achieving goals on my own career growth plan and am confident this is the place I want to be!

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