Veterans Day 2017

This Saturday, November 11th, we recognize Veterans Day. Precision Plus is proud to employ veterans and support veteran organizations to thank them for their dedication to the values of honor, courage, and commitment. We are proud of and thank the following team members for their service:


Adam Rosseland, Private First Class

United States Army, 3 years of service

13 year team member


Angel Cabrera, Private First Class – Artillery

United States Army, 3 years of service

4 year team member


George Morris, Third Class Petty Officer

United States Navy, 2 years of service

1 year team member


Pictured from left to right: Adam Rosseland, Angel Cabrera, George Morris


Kevin Wilson, E4 Third Class Petty Officer

Specialized in nuclear cooling systems aboard the USS Fulton Submarine

United States Navy, 4 years of service

3 year team member


Neil Fleischhacker – E8 Staff Sergeant

United States Army, 12 years of service

4 year team member


Michael Everson, Private Second Class

United States Army, 1 year of service

2 month team member


Pictured from left to right: Kevin Wilson, Neil Fleischhaker, Michael Everson


Phil Reader – Private First Class

United States Army, 6 years of service

29 year team member

Phil Reader


Veterans Day is the day set aside to recognize and show these brave men and women our gratitude. However, doing right by our veterans is something you can do all year long. If you would like to thank a veteran beyond the parades this weekend, there are many ways to recognize and help. Volunteer at the local VA hospital. Hire veterans. Take your children to visit and research war memorials and monuments. Buy a veteran a cup of coffee, and if they want to talk about their experiences, listen. Make a monetary donation to a worthy veterans’ cause or participate in a fun run that raises funds supporting these charities. Get political: educate yourself on veterans’ issues, write your representatives and senators, and VOTE.

Thank you to the veterans we work alongside every day at Precision Plus and to all the men and women who sacrificed so much to protect our nation and way of life.

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