Haas CL-1

Precision Plus Adds 2 Haas Chucker Lathes to Improve Secondary Machining Capabilities

On Monday, August 9th, Precision Plus acquired two brand new Haas CL-1 Chucker Lathes to add to their fleet of advanced secondary equipment.

The Haas CL-1’s are ultra-compact CNC lathes with an 8-station automatic turret. These machines fit in well at Precision Plus and will be utilized for small-part production, secondary operations, and prototyping. Industries that will benefit from the additions of these machines include aerospace, medical, dental, and pneumatic/hydraulic control systems.

Stand-out features of the new CL-1 Lathes include 6,000 rpm spindles, 5C collecting systems, 8-station automatic turrets, HaasConnect remote monitoring, media display M-code, C-axis control, and 2 live cross working stations.

Pictured are the two new Haas CL-1 CNC Lathes installed at Precision Plus located at their 45,000 sq ft facility in Elkhorn, WI.

“The two CL-1’s will help Precision Plus streamline setup/process documentation through the use of the Haas Media Display M-Code as well as provide more flexibility in secondary machining capabilities. All of this comes in a compact footprint with lots of user-friendly features!” – Mike P. Reader, V.P. of Engineering.

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