Precision Plus Increases Manufacturing Capabilities with Acquisition of New CNC Lathes

Precision Plus is proud to announce the acquisition of 2 additional Star SW-20’s, increasing the platform to a trio of identical, high-volume, state-of-the-art Swiss machines. These Swiss Type CNC Lathes have the capability to remove more raw material faster thanks to their pinch turning/milling capabilities, all while still maintaining the tightest of tolerances for medical, dental, aerospace and industrial controls clients.

“The team has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of these two machines for months. Now that they’re here, we can’t wait to get to work on all of our exciting new projects.” – Mike P. Reader, V.P. of Engineering

The two new Star SW-20 CNC Lathes with independently controlled, opposing gang-type tool posts, which deliver “versatile simultaneous machining”, are great additions to the Precision Plus equipment line. The platform, now 3, all equipped with Star 3-Path Motion Control Systems, vastly reduces idle time, equating to increased production output and lower costs for the clients of Precision Plus.

Precision Plus understands that all the technology in the world is ineffective without a talented team. The company’s commitment to ongoing investments in technology is coupled with persistent recruitment of passionate individuals who possess a positive attitude, high aptitude and willingness to learn the art of “The Plus”.

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