A Visit from Phoenix Middle School

On Friday, May 4th, Precision Plus hosted 30 seventh grade students from Phoenix Middle School in Delavan, along with their math teacher Steve Fouts and math/science teacher Thad Schmitt. The group joined us to explore the relevance of classroom work and how it relates to manufacturing.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Phoenix Middle School, Mark Beilman, Director of Education & Training at Precision Plus, will be providing the teachers with data for their students to crunch and analyze. A couple of years ago, the Delavan-Darien School District opened a Fab Lab – a place for learning and innovation and a platform for project-based, hands on STEM education. With the lessons the students are learning in the classroom, the deeper experience they are getting with the Fab Lab activities, and the data we are providing for “real world” problem solving, what an opportunity for these seventh graders! Kids really do learn by doing, and these students are becoming makers, researchers, and innovators through this multifaceted system.

Whether hosting Phoenix Middle School at Precision Plus or visiting their school for a career fair, we’ve enjoyed working with them over the years. This group of students was no exception. They were attentive, eager to learn and asked wonderful questions, ranging from what a typical work day looks like to the education required for different positions and careers. Mark Beilman said they even asked how his day was going, which he thought was funny since it had been “eventful” so far. Due to thunderstorms earlier Friday morning, the power had gone off, creating technical difficulties – all this just before the students arrived. This complication turned into a talking point itself, as Mark drove home the point of needing problem solvers in the workforce that overcome failure, find solutions, and do not get easily frustrated.

Precision Plus is committed to inspiring young people to study and pursue careers in advanced manufacturing. This requires vision and commitment by our government and education leaders, as well as support from industry experts. If you are a manufacturer who has not reached out to your local schools yet, it’s a great time to start! You will be grateful that you did.

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