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We always enjoy inviting students to Precision Plus to show them what an advanced manufacturing facility really looks like, as well as the career opportunities that can be available to them in the future. Earlier this week, we welcomed 32 seventh grade math students from Phoenix Middle School in Delavan.

While our team enjoys speaking with and educating students of all ages, Director of Education and Training Mark Beilman has said that he is always impressed with the enthusiasm of middle school students. These kids are always full of questions, and they demonstrate a real desire to learn more about our industry.

The Delavan-Darien School District opened their own “Fab Lab” last year. A Fab Lab is defined as “a place for learning and innovation: a place to create, learn, mentor, and invent.” More and more schools are adopting Fab Labs that help students gain deep knowledge and the machines, the materials, the design process, and the engineering that goes into invention and innovation.

Marrying together what the students learn in the classroom and Fab Lab with the “real life” experience of a manufacturing facility like ours is an ideal way to show our future workforce what types of skills they will need. We are so fortunate to be able to educate a young audience like this, so that when they enter high school, they can begin making decisions that will guide them to future career goals.

Sawyer the Robot was, of course, very popular with the kids, but they enjoyed the entire tour. They showed their appreciation with some heartfelt notes, and we’d like to share some of those with you here:

“Thank you, Precision Plus, for giving us tours of your company. It was an interesting and educational experience! I really enjoyed seeing Sawyer the robot and learning and what it will be doing in the future. I also enjoyed visiting the Finishing Station where the metals were spinning around on a magnet. That felt really weird, but it was cool at the same time. Thank you once more, Precision Plus!”

“Thank you, Precision Plus!! I really enjoyed touring your factory. It changed my perspective on the process of manufacturing. I enjoyed every single aspect. You opened up my mind to various opportunities, and showed me that my future is not written in stone. The best part of this trip was the ‘Gimi.’ I find it amazing how your company makes huge advancements, all with the help and collaboration of your employees and technology. Thank you very much for paying for the expenses of the trip. I hope your company keeps progressing in the future!”

“I would like to thank you for the kind offer of letting us tour your workplace and get the chance to see what engineering is really like. I am now thinking about applying to a technical college because of this, so thank you for changing the way I am now thinking about and planning for my future.”

“Thank you for giving us the chance to see all the different types of stuff you do and letting us see how we can apply our math skills to other jobs. I really enjoy the time we spent here.”

Thank you to Phoenix Middle School for partnering with Precision Plus in our goals to continue raising awareness of the rewarding career opportunities in the advanced manufacturing industry.

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