Precision Plus Featured in Wisconsin STEM Pathways Magazine, Fall 2014

Michael Reader

Precision Plus is honored to be featured in the latest issue of Wisconsin STEM Pathways Magazine.  The article, entitled Companies in the Classroom–Putting the Classroom in the Workplace, chronicles the company’s two year journey from a concept to the reality of having an internship and a apprenticeship program for high school and college students, as well as a fully equipped classroom within its facilities.  To download a PDF of the complete article, click here.


On May 8, 2014, WFAW-AM 940 Interviewed Mike Reader and Barry Butters on Precision Plus’ Educational Initiatives To Overcome the Manufacturing Skills Gap

Michael Reader

On Thursday, May 8, 2014, WFAW’s Morning Magazine radio host Michael Clish, interviewed Mike Reader, President of Precision Plus and Barry Butters, the company’s Director of Education.

The interview was centered on the current U.S. manufacturing skills gap and the tangible educational initiatives Precision Plus has put in motion to overcome the skills gap. You can listen to a podcast of the interview now.

Morning Magazine’s radio host Michael Clish,  and Mike Reader, and Barry Butters of Precision Plus discussed the inroads that were made last year at the company.  Precision Plus purposely cast its nets in all directions in an effort  to attract local education institutions,  fellow manufacturing companies, local and state, and U.S.  government officials, and the best and brightest of young minds to join their internship program–all with a common goal and purpose:  to overcome the current skills gap in manufacturing.

Listen to a podcast of this insightful conversation , or download a PDF transcript.