Precision Plus’ Year in Review

Precision Plus

Here we are, wrapping up another year, and we want to share a few highlights of Precision Plus’ 2016.

With the help of our partners at Identity Works, 2016 started with a fresh brand identity and updated logo, and shortly after that, the launch our new mobile-responsive website. The innovative look and feel is a good reflection of the way Precision Plus moves forward as a company.

Happy Holidays from Precision Plus!

Precision Plus

Time flies when you’re having fun. 2016 has passed so quickly, and here we are, getting ready to celebrate Christmas and the New Year. As we prepare for family gatherings this coming weekend, still trying to find that perfect gift or preparing food for an army of relatives, take time to enjoy a deeper meaning behind the holiday season.

Manufacturing Day 2016 Survey Results

Precision Plus

The National Association of Manufacturer’s (NAM) Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte recently released the results of a survey conducted after this year’s events. The survey measured the results of the effect Manufacturing Day 2016 had on the public’s view of the industry.

Happy Thanksgiving From Precision Plus

Precision Plus

It is hard to believe that we have just celebrated Veterans Day, and we now have Thanksgiving in our sights this week. This is one of my favorite holidays, for it brings back wonderful memories of my childhood. The cool crisp air outside, working up an appetite by splitting firewood for the day, and the smells emanating from the kitchen which fueled the anticipation of another masterpiece meal from Mom. It has always been far more about that meal itself; it was the comfort of being together with those closest in an unhurried, warm, and safe environment. Oh, those were the days. Yes, we were young, but it was also a different time, without the inundation of 24 hour news filled with terrible things occurring around the world. Ignorance is bliss – there is no truer statement. 

Home of the Free, Because of the Brave

Precision Plus

On Veterans Day, November 11, 2016, we honor all Americans who served to protect our country. Precision Plus is proud to employ veterans and support veteran organizations for their spirit and unwavering commitment to our great nation. We are proud of and thank the following team members for their service:

Shedding Some Light on Our LED Upgrade

Precision Plus

Precision Plus has steadily been making progress on the upgrade to the new LED light fixtures. Between his many other duties, Facilities Manager Neil Fleischhacker has been working on the installation. As of last week, he had installed 24 new LED fixtures and removed 46 metal halide and eight fluorescent fixtures.

Manufacturing Month Wrap-Up

Precision Plus

Where has the time gone? It seems like summer was just yesterday, and the students were headed back to class. It has been a whirlwind couple of months since the summer interns returned to school, and we have settled back into life without some very promising young adults and future manufacturing all stars. However, that does not mean we let up on our efforts to make a difference. I’ll do my best to summarize the events without getting too long winded.

Voting for Our Future: Career and Technical Education Referendums

Precision Plus

On November 8, voters in the Cherokee Trail High School district in Aurora, Colorado, will be voting on a potential $250 million bond, much of it earmarked for new career and innovation technology initiatives throughout the district. Back in 2012, voters had approved a $125 million bond question which led to major upgrades for this school’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) fabrication laboratory, affectionately known as the “Fab Lab.” The facility is very popular with students wanting to take advantage of 3D printers, precision mills, and laser engravers. The hands-on learning is helping a lot of students realize career aspirations while still in high school. The community is seeing the positive things that have happened since the 2012 vote, and many are eager to see that continue.

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